Trendy Summer Romper

Hey Lovelies, 

Just the other day I was rushing out the door like a mad woman, trying to go swimming with my girls before nap time (a must) and I realized I had nothing trendy to wear over my suit. There are those times you have a closet full of clothing but somehow have “nothing” to wear, but this was not one of those times. I literally had NOTHING to wear! I ended up having to scrounge it up with some old jean shorts and a much loved softball tournament t-shirt. Talk about feeling frumpy! At that frantic moment, one thought came to mind… search for some fashionable items to wear to the pool ASAP!

On sizzlin summer days my girls and I love to get our splash on, have some fun in the sun, and then run daily errands. With this colorful romper I am able to do all of the above! The best part about wearing this trendy outfit is not having to stop back at home to change.

I’ve always longed for a romper, but have never found one that doesn’t make me look like a five year old girl. I want to feel comfortable in anything and everything I wear. Luckily, I came by a website called CUDDY STUDIOS and was able to add this precious pearl to my summer collection! 

Now I can feel trendy and stylish no matter where our summer takes us!

Because you all are such amazing loyal Polished Pearl followers, we wanted to partner up with CUDDY STUDIOS to show our appreciation! CUDDY STUDIOS is offering all of us 50% off our order at checkout using code: SHOP50

Featured Romper: Zoe– Coastal Print

Love Always,