The Gift of Time for my Graduate

Reflecting on my own life having to do with time I can’t help but think of the times that stood still, verses the times that flashed before my very eyes.  

Stillness in Time 

Bright lights blinding me as I peak open my eyes to see the most beautiful sight imaginable. Tiny fingers and toes curled up in a soft blanket. Chubby scrunched up cheeks and eyes so calm and trusting, waiting for cuddles galore. Hands gently touching the untamed wispy hairs on the top of her head. At that moment, time stood still.

Flashing Moment in Time:

Looking back on the nine years shared with my spouse floods my memory with a bouquet of emotions.  Moments where I felt as free as a kite soaring through the sky.  Other times where tears could not be contained in my soaking-wet covered pillow.  Phases a blur, as foggy as a dust storm from sleep deprivation; triple jobs trying to get each other through college.  Caring for tiny ones throughout the night because we love them to an extreme.  Exciting times filled with warm love, laughter and light.  Times of adventure, exploration and relaxation.  Learning like a babe on how each one of us ticks.  Cherishing the ongoing memories being made and visualizing through a looking glass on what the future may hold. Time flashes by like lighting in a storm.  

How can we live out every moment every day? My Jord watch helps me check my time peacefully because of its serene, natural wood design.  Just like a new wedding ring, I notice myself peering down to check the time frequently throughout the day.   I want to cherish my time on this earth.  The longer I live the more I feel this way.  I want to wear time well and my Jord watch does this for me.  I feel modern, stylish, and trendy when I wear my wood watch and it is a constant reminder to make every moment note worthy.

If you are in search for a thoughtful, memorable graduation gift for someone special in your life that has sacrificed countless hours of time for the moment in their life where time will stand still; a Jord watch would be the perfect gift for them.  Jord watches are perfect for any special occasion.  They even have engraving options for your watch or box.  This makes your gift personalized and sentimental!

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Interesting Watch History

Some history about watches that I found fascinating dates back to 1714.  Because navigation at sea had to be precise, the British Parliament was offering a cash reward to anyone who could invent an accurate watch.  A result from inaccurate watches at sea was the death of thousands of sailors because in order for them to find their position, they used time to track longitude. For every minute the clock was off, sailors were off course by 15 miles.  This caused them to wreck into giant rocks, sharp-edged cliffs, and who knows what else they would collide into while blindly following the off course route.

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*This watch was given to me but these opinions are my own.

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