Luxurious Laser-Cut Dress

Living in Utah brings on some interesting things:
1.) Weather is ever so changing
2.) Interesting names that I never know how to pronounce
3.) Picked over children’s clothing on the daily
4.) Within an hour of each other you can visit the mountains, sand dunes, a lake, or a big city full of high rises.

It truly is a place full of beauty and fun! I love living here but it makes finding the right clothing for the climate changes difficult. I feel like I am looking at the weather app every morning to see if it is going to be freezing cold or smoldering hot… Thankfully I found this darling dress from CUDDY STUDIOS with laser-cut diamonds that has made my life so much easier in the morning when I’m searching for something to wear, no matter what the weather brings!

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Have a lovely Tuesday Friends!


The Polished Pearls Sister– Shalese