Inner Beauty Shines Through

Toxic Thoughts

You’re beautiful they always say, when walking through the door.

What sparkling eyes, what gorgeous smile, what voluminous hair galore.

But what they fail to see, hidden deep inside my mind

Are toxic thoughts lurking around, destroying each compliment they find.

It sounds as if an inner battle is happening all the time.

A battle takes two sides to occur, these thoughts are more of a crime.

Creeping like a deadly weed, strangling all that’s good.

Leaving me a wilted flower, alone, and misunderstood.

Alas, the time has come, to push these thoughts away.

Pulling the weeds, replacing them with positive words each day.

Locking up these strangling thoughts, changing my mind for good.

Focusing on uplifting thoughts, as each one of us should.

Dwelling constantly on the beautiful thoughts, flickering from within.

Believing this a worthwhile quest, a quest with no end.

You’re beautiful they always say, when walking out the door.

What sparkling eyes, what gorgeous smile, what voluminous hair galore.

What once was a flicker, hidden deep inside my mind.

Is now a fire burning bright inside,

Shining through,

All thoughts aligned.

For 2018 I want all of us to start consciously paying close attention to what our minds are saying about us and others.  How often do you think negatively about a person and quickly notice this and change your thoughts.  After the fact, you feel guilty for thinking negative thoughts in the first place.  Does this ring a bell?  Shouldn’t we give ourselves this same courtesy?  Yet, we dwell on our insecurities, humanly flaws, shortcomings, and imperfections that we all have.  No wonder we feel deflated at times.  Let’s start right now by taking control of our thoughts and affirming what we do right!  It is so easy to recognize the good surrounding us.  This is a great habit to form, but an even more important habit to form is thinking positively about ourselves.  My resolution this year is to start paying close attention to what my mind is saying and switch any negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  If I have a positive thought about a person I am going to verbally share this with them.  I don’t want to rob them of a positive affirmation because by golly, we all need them! 🙂  So, love yourself, celebrate you for you.  Doing this will enable you to love and care for others you share life with in a deeper way.

My beauty tip for the year is… Feel whole and take control of your own thoughts because only you can.  Do this and your inner beauty will shine through!

With Warm Love,

The Polished Pearls Sis