Types of Necklines on Shirts- Which Look Best on My Body?

Everyone wants to wear something that is comfortable and flattering to their body type. Here are 3 simple characteristics to look for when finding the best top for you:

1.) Neckline/collar (if applicable)

2.) Sleeve Type

3.) Bodice Fit

Today we are focusing on the first characteristic… Necklines!



The neckline of a garment is the opening at the neck. There are a number of different necklines that can be designed into a top:



Which Necklines look best on which body types??

Large-Busted: illusion, jewel, asymmetrical, halter, crew, high V-neck, straight, square

Medium-Busted: scoop neck, illusion, cowl, high neck, asymmetrical, halter, off-shoulder, crew, V-neck, sweetheart, spaghetti straps, straight, square

Small-Busted: scoop neck, cowl, high neck, asymmetrical, off-shoulder, crew, V-neck, sweetheart, spaghetti straps

Keep in mind, you can rock whatever neckline you like; these are just ideas to help you learn how to flatter your body type most.


#1- Love your body the way it is

#2- Learn to dress, working with your body. Don’t try to change your body to work with your dressing

#3- If you think you are rocking an outfit, you definitely are! So feel confident in yourself and go rock your wardrobe!

FYI (if you’re a fashion nerd like me and this stuff is super interesting to you then read on).

Neckline Definitions

Scoop Neck: the neck “scoops” down between the collar bone and bust line

Illusion: sheer fabric is placed along the top of the bodice toward the neckline

Cowl: excess fabric drapes across the neckline

High Neck: neckline is cut above the collar bone, at the neck

Jewel: neckline sits right below the collar bone (perfect for a shorter necklace)

Asymmetrical: also known as one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder, one shoulder is left bare.

Halter: two straps are linked behind the neck

Off-Shoulder: straps or sleeves drop off the shoulder on both arms

Crew: small ribbing is added to a round neckline

V-Neck: neck is cut into a V-shape

Sweetheart: has two curves above the bust line, recalling a heart shape

Spaghetti Straps: bare shoulders with two very thin straps holding up the bodice

Straight Across: straight neckline about the bust line

Square: 90 degree angles are formed along each corner above the bustline


Love you all and have a wonderful week!

The Polished Pearls Sister- Whit

Fitness Passion

Last night, I turned on some music from my high school days and it brought back fond memories of when I danced.  I couldn’t help but try to bust some of my long lost, signature moves on my living room floor.  I looked like a total baboon dancing around and you should have seen the looks and giggles I received from my little girls.  A feeling of nostalgia rushed over me as I reminisced on the good ol’ days.  It felt great letting loose and doing something I was so passionate about so long ago.  It was like pulling a favorite childhood piece of literature off the wooden bookshelf and soaking up every familiar word in the much loved pages.  Because life gets crazy busy when we get older we tend to put our passions on the highest book shelf, rarely to be seen or looked at again.  This year, I am going to focus on taking some of my fitness passions down from the book shelf to be used and loved again.  Some of these are: Dancing (by myself… in my living room), stretching routines to work on becoming flexible again (I miss being able to do the splits), hiking (once the weather gets warmer), going on walks and enjoying the beauty that surrounds me, and practicing the Tahitian Hula (this is just an excuse to shake what my mama gave me)… just to name a few.

What are some of your fitness passions that you have put on the shelf? Comment below and let us know.  We would love to hear what you are passionate about!


With Love,

The Polished Pearls Sista–Shalese

Inner Beauty Shines Through

Toxic Thoughts

You’re beautiful they always say, when walking through the door.

What sparkling eyes, what gorgeous smile, what voluminous hair galore.

But what they fail to see, hidden deep inside my mind

Are toxic thoughts lurking around, destroying each compliment they find.

It sounds as if an inner battle is happening all the time.

A battle takes two sides to occur, these thoughts are more of a crime.

Creeping like a deadly weed, strangling all that’s good.

Leaving me a wilted flower, alone, and misunderstood.

Alas, the time has come, to push these thoughts away.

Pulling the weeds, replacing them with positive words each day.

Locking up these strangling thoughts, changing my mind for good.

Focusing on uplifting thoughts, as each one of us should.

Dwelling constantly on the beautiful thoughts, flickering from within.

Believing this a worthwhile quest, a quest with no end.

You’re beautiful they always say, when walking out the door.

What sparkling eyes, what gorgeous smile, what voluminous hair galore.

What once was a flicker, hidden deep inside my mind.

Is now a fire burning bright inside,

Shining through,

All thoughts aligned.

For 2018 I want all of us to start consciously paying close attention to what our minds are saying about us and others.  How often do you think negatively about a person and quickly notice this and change your thoughts.  After the fact, you feel guilty for thinking negative thoughts in the first place.  Does this ring a bell?  Shouldn’t we give ourselves this same courtesy?  Yet, we dwell on our insecurities, humanly flaws, shortcomings, and imperfections that we all have.  No wonder we feel deflated at times.  Let’s start right now by taking control of our thoughts and affirming what we do right!  It is so easy to recognize the good surrounding us.  This is a great habit to form, but an even more important habit to form is thinking positively about ourselves.  My resolution this year is to start paying close attention to what my mind is saying and switch any negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  If I have a positive thought about a person I am going to verbally share this with them.  I don’t want to rob them of a positive affirmation because by golly, we all need them! 🙂  So, love yourself, celebrate you for you.  Doing this will enable you to love and care for others you share life with in a deeper way.

My beauty tip for the year is… Feel whole and take control of your own thoughts because only you can.  Do this and your inner beauty will shine through!

With Warm Love,

The Polished Pearls Sis

Passion Refocused

Shalese and I started The Polished Pearls blog because we both have such a passion for beauty, health, and fashion. We felt like creating the blog would be our avenue to share this passion with other people and help women feel better about themselves by learning how to enhance their own beauty rather than trying to change.
As we launched our blog and delved into the blogging world, it saddens me to say that we got caught up in trying to keep up with other bloggers and what they were doing to try to make our own blog more successful. Through this, we lost our focus and our passion deflated. Blogging became less about what we wanted to share and more about what we thought others wanted to see. For some time we stepped away from the blog and focused on what’s most important, our families and our relationship as sisters rather than blogging partners. This helped us to re-focus and adjust our mindset back to our original purpose.
So, we are thrilled to say starting in 2018 and on we’re sticking to our original dream; recognizing what gorgeous human beings you are, and helping you feel empowered and motivated to just be you!


The Polished Pearls Sisters

Easy Home Teeth Whitening for a Busy Mom

Those who know me personally would say I’ve grown up dressing a little bit like a Barbie. Luckily as I’ve gotten older, my fashion sense has matured somewhat, but I still have to add some glam to every outfit I wear. I have always loved the color pink. Growing up it was a rarity to find me wearing any other color. Although I still love the color pink, I have simmered down my use of it in my outfits. Meaning, I have cut back to wearing one pink item rather than a pink shirt, pink pants, and pink sparkly shoes. So, when the trend of wearing pink lipstick started, you can imagine my excitement! I immediately purchased LipSense’s Party Pink shade and thought, I am going to rock this- no shame, no shame. Well, I put it on the next morning and loved the color- until I smiled… my teeth had never looked so yellow! My excitement and confidence in wearing bright pink lipstick was immediately deflated and I wasn’t feeling so confident anymore. This drove me to have the desire to whiten my teeth.

To be honest, I have tried numerous whitening trends and haven’t been thrilled with any.  I think I drool more than most and having whitening strips or trays in my mouth takes my drooling to a whole new level- gross!  Smile Brilliant reached out to Shalese and I about trying their custom teeth whitening system.  I was hesitant because I feel like I have no spare time between teaching school, doing hair, being pregnant and now caring for a newborn and toddler, fitting a workout in, and trying to be a decent wife. I wasn’t sure how excited I was about going through the process of creating and using whitening trays for several weeks! Not only that, but I was worried about whitening while pregnant. Despite my hesitations, I decided to give it a try because I got it approved by my doctor and I decided there is nothing wrong with taking a little time to make myself feel more confident- especially being pregnant and needing an extra confidence boost.


My experience using Smile Brilliant was very positive.  Once I submitted my order I quickly received my kit to create my trays.  Creating the tray impressions intimidated me (I am no dentist!) but I was thrilled to find that it was quite simple and didn’t take much time.  I sent in my impressions and received my customized whitening trays very promptly.  Whitening was very simple and I didn’t experience much sensitivity at all, which was a plus for me.  For a step-by-step guide on how to use these trays, check out Shalese’s review here. These trays were very easy to use and were quite comfortable to wear. I was very pleased with how much I could get done while whitening!

10 things I have done while whitening my teeth:


  1. Coloring Clients Hair (I may have talked a little funny!)
  2. Cleaning My House
  3. Putting on Makeup
  4. Doing My Hair
  5. Taking a Bath
  6. Grading School Work
  7. Playing with My Little Boys
  8. Breast Feeding My Baby (my doctor approved the product for me, talk to your doctor before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding)
  9. Doing Dishes
  10. Reading a Book

So, for the big reveal! Once I completed my whitening process, I compared the difference wearing this hot pink lipstick I have such a desire to wear… here are my results! Needless to say, I will be wearing this, and many other fun colors of lipstick with confidence. I had my baby a week ago and I could use a little confidence boost at the moment.





We have partnered with Smile Brilliant to give one of our followers a free customized whitening kit! Be sure to enter our giveaway. One lucky winner will receive one free whitening kit! To enter, click HERE

Also, use code thepolishedpearls15 for $15 off a custom whitening tray set!

**These trays were given to me but these opinions are my own**

How Much Is Teeth Whitening

Stretch Marks No More

When I got pregnant with my first little boy I was beyond excited. We had tried for quite a while and finding out I was finally going to be a mom was one of the best days of my life. Pregnancy brings on a lot of changes in a woman’s body, many of these changes are not fun (morning sickness, exhaustion, weight gain, muscle pains, etc.) but they are all worth it when that precious little creature makes their appearance in the world. One of the things I was a bit nervous about when I got pregnant was stretch marks. It sounds extremely vain, and probably is, but I wanted to do whatever I could to avoid getting these. I had already gotten some from my hips growing so quickly in junior high so I assumed I was destined to get a bunch. They say there is nothing you can do to avoid getting stretch marks, it is in your genetics. Seeing my sisters and my mom get them I assumed it was no use but I was going to try what I could to avoid it.  My friend had told me about this oil that she used and it worked for her, so I figured I would try it. I bought this oil at Good Earth for about $19.00, it’s called Mother’s Special Blend and it is an all natural oil, consisting of almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. I actually found it cheaper on Amazon HERE for $13.29. I rubbed this oil on my belly my entire pregnancy both morning and night and only got a couple tiny stretch marks under my belly button. These went lighter after giving birth and you can hardly see them.

This pregnancy I have used the oil again and am 36 weeks along and don’t yet have any new stretch marks! If I get them, they are totally worth it and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I have to be pregnant a second time. But if I don’t, I think that’s a bonus! So, whether stretch marks are genetic or not, I truly think this oil has helped me avoid getting them. This post is in no way sponsored, I just found a product that worked for me and I wanted to share it with all my friends who are, will be, or ever have been pregnant. Shalese has been using it post-pregnancy and says she’s noticed a bit of a difference with her stretch marks too! So, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to help nourish your skin during pregnancy, and maybe avoid a few stretch marks, try it out!

Happy weekend loves!


10 Steps to Whiter Teeth with Smile Brilliant

It is back to school for Whit and I!  As teachers, we like to start our year off with a white smile.  We want to look and feel confident in front of our co-workers, students, and their parents and whitening our teeth helps us feel our best.  

Let’s be honest, no one gets overly excited about the teeth-whitening process, but SMILE BRILLIANT made this process pretty smooth and easy for me.  I’m giving you the 4-1-1 on my experience with teeth-whitening.  Of course I will include some tips I learned along the way to make your experience even smoother than my own.  

10 Steps to Whiter Teeth:

  1. Use the molding clay to create molds to match your teeth exactly and send them in the prepaid envelope.
  2. Get excited to see your customized, personalized Smile Brilliant teeth trays come in the mail!
  3. Brush your teeth with only water.
  4. Squirt a small ribbon of whitening gel inside the bottom of your teeth molds (both top and bottom).
  5. Insert the molds into your mouth and wait 45 minutes (to start).  You can increase the time after the first couple of treatments.
  6. Take out the molds and rinse them with cool water.
  7. Brush your teeth with toothpaste.
  8. Squirt a small ribbon of the desensitizing gel inside the bottom of your teeth molds (both top and bottom).
  9. Insert the molds into your mouth and wait 20-30 minutes.
  10. Take out molds and rinse them with cool water.  Do NOT rinse out your mouth, let the gel sit on your teeth and gums (all night if possible).

7 Tips for Successful Whitening:

  • Do your whitening at nights after eating and drinking.  This gives the desensitizing gel time to sit on your teeth and gums to prevent tooth sensitivity.
  • Avoid food and drink after whitening (just go to bed and sleep afterward).
  • Try to be as consistent as possible with whitening.  It usually takes people 7-11 treatments to get their desired results… aka a bright white smile! 
  • If your gums get sensitive (like mine), rub coconut oil or Vaseline on gums before inserting the whitening trays.
  • Make sure the trays are dried out before putting the desensitizing gel into them (I used a blow dryer and the coolest setting to help speed up this process).
  • Set a timer on your phone to make sure you take out the whitening trays at the correct time.
  • Read a book, work on the computer, watch a movie, do some cleaning, laundry, etc. to help the time go by quickly.

I hope this helps with your future whitening adventures!  Comment below for tips and tricks you find that help with the whitening process


The Polished Pearls Sister– Shalese

*This product was given to me at no charge to try. These opinions and tips are from my own experience.

How Much Is Teeth Whitening

Comfy Kimono Style

Happy Wednesday Friends!  I can’t believe that summer is coming to an end.  Shalese and I go back to work in two weeks and we are trying to soak up every minute of summer before it’s over.  I am so grateful I have a job that allows me to have summers off, it has been so fun spending this summer with Camden.  Going through summer pregnant while chasing a toddler around has been a fun and exhausting experience.  I have found that I am rummaging through my closet daily to try to find something that is comfortable, covering, fashionable, and not too hot.  This has been quite the task, but I have found that Kimonos are a perfect way to help me feel a bit more covered without adding too much heat.  This Kimono that I found at Kohls has been perfect for my pregnancy.  I wear it over simple t-shirts (as shown below) and I have also worn it over my swimsuit to add a little extra coverage (as shown below).  Whether you are pregnant and want to cover up a little or want to add a fun twist to an outfit, a Kimono is a fun way to do so!  I have included a few of my favorite Kimonos below, all of which are currently under $25!

Kimono Over a Swimsuit

A few of my favorite Kimonos (all under $25):

Love ya’ll, have a great week!