Fitness Passion

Last night, I turned on some music from my high school days and it brought back fond memories of when I danced.  I couldn’t help but try to bust some of my long lost, signature moves on my living room floor.  I looked like a total baboon dancing around and you should have seen the looks and giggles I received from my little girls.  A feeling of nostalgia rushed over me as I reminisced on the good ol’ days.  It felt great letting loose and doing something I was so passionate about so long ago.  It was like pulling a favorite childhood piece of literature off the wooden bookshelf and soaking up every familiar word in the much loved pages.  Because life gets crazy busy when we get older we tend to put our passions on the highest book shelf, rarely to be seen or looked at again.  This year, I am going to focus on taking some of my fitness passions down from the book shelf to be used and loved again.  Some of these are: Dancing (by myself… in my living room), stretching routines to work on becoming flexible again (I miss being able to do the splits), hiking (once the weather gets warmer), going on walks and enjoying the beauty that surrounds me, and practicing the Tahitian Hula (this is just an excuse to shake what my mama gave me)… just to name a few.

What are some of your fitness passions that you have put on the shelf? Comment below and let us know.  We would love to hear what you are passionate about!


With Love,

The Polished Pearls Sista–Shalese