About Us

Whitney Carter

Hi, I am Whitney and I have always had a passion for fashion.  Since I was a child, I was known for thinking outside the box in regards to my outfits and expressing myself fashionably.  This love for fashion has grown throughout my life.  I earned a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences in which I had the opportunity to become a teacher at the high school level and teach Fashion Strategies, Interior Design, Foods and Nutrition, and other classes.  I am a certified cosmetologist and love learning the latest hair and beauty techniques.  I am married to an amazing man, and we just had our first baby boy.  He is so precious and we feel extremely blessed.  I hope you enjoy our blog.  We are excited for you to follow us and hope you learn some fun, affordable ways to implement fashion and beauty into your lives.

Shalese Rogers

My name is Shalese, and I have always had a love for fashion and a knack for putting together outfits.  I feel the way you dress helps express yourself to others in a fun, creative way.  Shopping for clothes has always been therapy for Whitney and myself and has built a bond between us.  I am married to a loving and supportive husband and have two beautiful little girls.  Since I married my husband my interest in nutrition and exercise has increased.  I am passionate about eating right and exercising.  Fueling my body with the right nutrients and being physically active has improved my overall well-being.  I love being an active mom, elementary school teacher, and wife.  I am ecstatic about starting this blog, and I hope you enjoy!