Types of Necklines on Shirts- Which Look Best on My Body?

Everyone wants to wear something that is comfortable and flattering to their body type. Here are 3 simple characteristics to look for when finding the best top for you:

1.) Neckline/collar (if applicable)

2.) Sleeve Type

3.) Bodice Fit

Today we are focusing on the first characteristic… Necklines!



The neckline of a garment is the opening at the neck. There are a number of different necklines that can be designed into a top:



Which Necklines look best on which body types??

Large-Busted: illusion, jewel, asymmetrical, halter, crew, high V-neck, straight, square

Medium-Busted: scoop neck, illusion, cowl, high neck, asymmetrical, halter, off-shoulder, crew, V-neck, sweetheart, spaghetti straps, straight, square

Small-Busted: scoop neck, cowl, high neck, asymmetrical, off-shoulder, crew, V-neck, sweetheart, spaghetti straps

Keep in mind, you can rock whatever neckline you like; these are just ideas to help you learn how to flatter your body type most.


#1- Love your body the way it is

#2- Learn to dress, working with your body. Don’t try to change your body to work with your dressing

#3- If you think you are rocking an outfit, you definitely are! So feel confident in yourself and go rock your wardrobe!

FYI (if you’re a fashion nerd like me and this stuff is super interesting to you then read on).

Neckline Definitions

Scoop Neck: the neck “scoops” down between the collar bone and bust line

Illusion: sheer fabric is placed along the top of the bodice toward the neckline

Cowl: excess fabric drapes across the neckline

High Neck: neckline is cut above the collar bone, at the neck

Jewel: neckline sits right below the collar bone (perfect for a shorter necklace)

Asymmetrical: also known as one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder, one shoulder is left bare.

Halter: two straps are linked behind the neck

Off-Shoulder: straps or sleeves drop off the shoulder on both arms

Crew: small ribbing is added to a round neckline

V-Neck: neck is cut into a V-shape

Sweetheart: has two curves above the bust line, recalling a heart shape

Spaghetti Straps: bare shoulders with two very thin straps holding up the bodice

Straight Across: straight neckline about the bust line

Square: 90 degree angles are formed along each corner above the bustline


Love you all and have a wonderful week!

The Polished Pearls Sister- Whit