Passion Refocused

Shalese and I started The Polished Pearls blog because we both have such a passion for beauty, health, and fashion. We felt like creating the blog would be our avenue to share this passion with other people and help women feel better about themselves by learning how to enhance their own beauty rather than trying to change.
As we launched our blog and delved into the blogging world, it saddens me to say that we got caught up in trying to keep up with other bloggers and what they were doing to try to make our own blog more successful. Through this, we lost our focus and our passion deflated. Blogging became less about what we wanted to share and more about what we thought others wanted to see. For some time we stepped away from the blog and focused on what’s most important, our families and our relationship as sisters rather than blogging partners. This helped us to re-focus and adjust our mindset back to our original purpose.
So, we are thrilled to say starting in 2018 and on we’re sticking to our original dream; recognizing what gorgeous human beings you are, and helping you feel empowered and motivated to just be you!


The Polished Pearls Sisters