Easy Home Teeth Whitening for a Busy Mom

Those who know me personally would say I’ve grown up dressing a little bit like a Barbie. Luckily as I’ve gotten older, my fashion sense has matured somewhat, but I still have to add some glam to every outfit I wear. I have always loved the color pink. Growing up it was a rarity to find me wearing any other color. Although I still love the color pink, I have simmered down my use of it in my outfits. Meaning, I have cut back to wearing one pink item rather than a pink shirt, pink pants, and pink sparkly shoes. So, when the trend of wearing pink lipstick started, you can imagine my excitement! I immediately purchased LipSense’s Party Pink shade and thought, I am going to rock this- no shame, no shame. Well, I put it on the next morning and loved the color- until I smiled… my teeth had never looked so yellow! My excitement and confidence in wearing bright pink lipstick was immediately deflated and I wasn’t feeling so confident anymore. This drove me to have the desire to whiten my teeth.

To be honest, I have tried numerous whitening trends and haven’t been thrilled with any.  I think I drool more than most and having whitening strips or trays in my mouth takes my drooling to a whole new level- gross!  Smile Brilliant reached out to Shalese and I about trying their custom teeth whitening system.  I was hesitant because I feel like I have no spare time between teaching school, doing hair, being pregnant and now caring for a newborn and toddler, fitting a workout in, and trying to be a decent wife. I wasn’t sure how excited I was about going through the process of creating and using whitening trays for several weeks! Not only that, but I was worried about whitening while pregnant. Despite my hesitations, I decided to give it a try because I got it approved by my doctor and I decided there is nothing wrong with taking a little time to make myself feel more confident- especially being pregnant and needing an extra confidence boost.


My experience using Smile Brilliant was very positive.  Once I submitted my order I quickly received my kit to create my trays.  Creating the tray impressions intimidated me (I am no dentist!) but I was thrilled to find that it was quite simple and didn’t take much time.  I sent in my impressions and received my customized whitening trays very promptly.  Whitening was very simple and I didn’t experience much sensitivity at all, which was a plus for me.  For a step-by-step guide on how to use these trays, check out Shalese’s review here. These trays were very easy to use and were quite comfortable to wear. I was very pleased with how much I could get done while whitening!

10 things I have done while whitening my teeth:


  1. Coloring Clients Hair (I may have talked a little funny!)
  2. Cleaning My House
  3. Putting on Makeup
  4. Doing My Hair
  5. Taking a Bath
  6. Grading School Work
  7. Playing with My Little Boys
  8. Breast Feeding My Baby (my doctor approved the product for me, talk to your doctor before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding)
  9. Doing Dishes
  10. Reading a Book

So, for the big reveal! Once I completed my whitening process, I compared the difference wearing this hot pink lipstick I have such a desire to wear… here are my results! Needless to say, I will be wearing this, and many other fun colors of lipstick with confidence. I had my baby a week ago and I could use a little confidence boost at the moment.





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**These trays were given to me but these opinions are my own**

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