10 Steps to Whiter Teeth with Smile Brilliant

It is back to school for Whit and I!  As teachers, we like to start our year off with a white smile.  We want to look and feel confident in front of our co-workers, students, and their parents and whitening our teeth helps us feel our best.  

Let’s be honest, no one gets overly excited about the teeth-whitening process, but SMILE BRILLIANT made this process pretty smooth and easy for me.  I’m giving you the 4-1-1 on my experience with teeth-whitening.  Of course I will include some tips I learned along the way to make your experience even smoother than my own.  

10 Steps to Whiter Teeth:

  1. Use the molding clay to create molds to match your teeth exactly and send them in the prepaid envelope.
  2. Get excited to see your customized, personalized Smile Brilliant teeth trays come in the mail!
  3. Brush your teeth with only water.
  4. Squirt a small ribbon of whitening gel inside the bottom of your teeth molds (both top and bottom).
  5. Insert the molds into your mouth and wait 45 minutes (to start).  You can increase the time after the first couple of treatments.
  6. Take out the molds and rinse them with cool water.
  7. Brush your teeth with toothpaste.
  8. Squirt a small ribbon of the desensitizing gel inside the bottom of your teeth molds (both top and bottom).
  9. Insert the molds into your mouth and wait 20-30 minutes.
  10. Take out molds and rinse them with cool water.  Do NOT rinse out your mouth, let the gel sit on your teeth and gums (all night if possible).

7 Tips for Successful Whitening:

  • Do your whitening at nights after eating and drinking.  This gives the desensitizing gel time to sit on your teeth and gums to prevent tooth sensitivity.
  • Avoid food and drink after whitening (just go to bed and sleep afterward).
  • Try to be as consistent as possible with whitening.  It usually takes people 7-11 treatments to get their desired results… aka a bright white smile! 
  • If your gums get sensitive (like mine), rub coconut oil or Vaseline on gums before inserting the whitening trays.
  • Make sure the trays are dried out before putting the desensitizing gel into them (I used a blow dryer and the coolest setting to help speed up this process).
  • Set a timer on your phone to make sure you take out the whitening trays at the correct time.
  • Read a book, work on the computer, watch a movie, do some cleaning, laundry, etc. to help the time go by quickly.

I hope this helps with your future whitening adventures!  Comment below for tips and tricks you find that help with the whitening process


The Polished Pearls Sister– Shalese

*This product was given to me at no charge to try. These opinions and tips are from my own experience.

How Much Is Teeth Whitening

Comfy Kimono Style

Happy Wednesday Friends!  I can’t believe that summer is coming to an end.  Shalese and I go back to work in two weeks and we are trying to soak up every minute of summer before it’s over.  I am so grateful I have a job that allows me to have summers off, it has been so fun spending this summer with Camden.  Going through summer pregnant while chasing a toddler around has been a fun and exhausting experience.  I have found that I am rummaging through my closet daily to try to find something that is comfortable, covering, fashionable, and not too hot.  This has been quite the task, but I have found that Kimonos are a perfect way to help me feel a bit more covered without adding too much heat.  This Kimono that I found at Kohls has been perfect for my pregnancy.  I wear it over simple t-shirts (as shown below) and I have also worn it over my swimsuit to add a little extra coverage (as shown below).  Whether you are pregnant and want to cover up a little or want to add a fun twist to an outfit, a Kimono is a fun way to do so!  I have included a few of my favorite Kimonos below, all of which are currently under $25!

Kimono Over a Swimsuit

A few of my favorite Kimonos (all under $25):

Love ya’ll, have a great week!