February Fashion- What is My Personal Style?

The Polished Pearls Fashion objective for the month of February is: I understand my personal style and can create outfits to showcase it.

Have you ever noticed somebody’s outfit and thought, “I am in love with that outfit but I would never wear that…”?  Instead of dismissing it because you think it doesn’t fit in with your style, join us in spending the month exploring the different aspects of your style so you can take an outfit you like and figure out how to tweak it to fit your fashion preferences.

I found this outfit on Polyvore and was in love with it!  I am going to show you how I have adapted the outfit to fit my personal style.

Wardrobe Staples: The White Shirt


New Outfit

Whitney's Style #1


As I was looking over the first look I determined that I liked two things about the look- the floral print and pastel colors.  I decided to do a floral print top and solid pants instead of shorts because I wanted to wear the look to work.  Also, I added a bit more color to the outfit because I am a fan of colorful looks.  I LOVED the Valentino studded heels but I don’t walk so great in heels so I found a similar style in flats.  I wanted to add a little more glam to the look so I added classy pearls and a touch of sparkle in the earrings and ring. 

Be on the lookout this month as we explore each component that makes up an outfit.

  • Week 1: Tops
  • Week 2: Bottoms
  • Week 3: Finisher Pieces/Accessories/Shoes
  • Week 4: Patterns


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*Remember our objective for the month of February is:  I understand my personal style and can create outfits to showcase it.


Fashion Beauty Health Blog Makeover 2017

Whit and I have spent countless hours reflecting with each other on what the purpose of our blog is.  We have never wanted our blog to be surface level.  After discussing this, we have come to the conclusion that the reason we started this blog in the first place was to help educate women in beauty, fashion, and health.  We both have different strengths in these areas but one strength we share is our God-given gift to educate.  We are both teachers and feel we’ve found our calling in life.  This being said, we are making some exciting changes to thepolishedpearls.com!

Each month we will have a focus on fashion, beauty and health.  Throughout the month you will examine yourself and find out where you fit best in all three of these areas based off of the months objective.  At the end of the month, you will have the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned, answer questions, and get a free Polished Pearls recommendation list personalized for you!  This journey will help educate you on YOUR style both in beauty and fashion, and YOUR health beliefs, enabling you to live a life full of confidence and love for yourself and others.  We are sooooo excited to take this adventure with you and are here as a support along the way!

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Love The Polished Pearls Sisters,

Shalese and Whitney

Valentine’s Day Make Up Tutorial

How many of you go out for Valentine’s Day?  Although my husband and I think Valentine’s Day is a bit clichet, we still enjoy having an excuse to do something together.  We usually opt for staying at home and having a nice, romantic dinner because we finally got tired of spending Valentine’s Day evenings waiting in a crowd at a restaurant.  Regardless of whether we stay home or go out, I like to dress up a bit so I feel my best on this special day.  Take a look at this Valentine’s Day make up tutorial so you can get ready for your special night!

Step 1: Apply Foundation, Powder, and Blush/Bronzer

I always make sure to apply foundation to my eyelid, this helps eye-shadow to apply better and stay on longer- even if I am using an eye-shadow primer.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of eye-shadow primer to your eyelid

My favorite inexpensive eye-shadow primer (on sale for under $6!)


Step 3: Apply a pink colored eye-shadow in the outer corner of your eye working it into the middle of your eyelid.  It should be wider on the outside and more narrow on the inside.

This is the palette I used for this tutorial.  I LOVE this shadow:



Step 4: Apply a darker shade of eye-shadow over the pink shadow but focusing on the VERY edge of the eyelid.  Add eyeliner along eyelid crease, winging it out at edge.  Work dark shadow over the top of eyeliner line.


Step 5: Apply a light color of shadow on the inside of your eyelid, working it up toward your brow line.

Step 6: Apply a very light shimmery shadow on the inside (by your tear duct) and along the brow line. This helps to open the eye and make your brow stand out.

Step 7: Apply Eyeliner along the eyelid and water line


Felt tip liner:


Step 8: Apply mascara to both the upper and the lower lashes

This mascara applies really easily and makes your lashes look longer and thicker!

Then you are done!!

Over Sized Sweater and Ripped Jeans

Sweater- Eighth & Main (ON SALE- wearing size large for over-sized fit), Pants- Eighth & Main (ON SALE), Shoes- Toms, Necklace- here and here, Earrings Target, ring Guess

Hi Friends, Happy Tuesday!  I have started a new semester and I am now teaching fashion, yay!  Yesterday in my Fashion class I asked my students whether they change into comfy clothes when they get home or they keep their school clothes on all day.  I was surprised to find that over half of them change into their comfortable clothes as soon as they get home from school.  I will be honest, I am the same way.  I love looking stylish but I am all about being comfortable.  This explains why I am in love with the over-sized sweater trend this winter!  Who doesn’t love being warm, comfy, and looking stylish at the same time??  I hope this trend sticks around for a while. This entire outfit came from Eighth & Main Boutique head on over and check them out!  I have been looking for an over-sized sweater that looks both comfortable and professional, and I finally found the perfect one! I am in LOVE with this mauve color because it goes with just about anything without being a neutral color.  The jeans I paired with the sweater are sooo comfy and fit just like a glove.  I always have a hard time finding jeans that have rips but don’t show off too much of these mama legs. 😉  These jeans are ripped just above the knee and don’t show much skin underneath, which I like.  Needless to say, this is the perfect outfit for going out and about and then coming home to chill, while being comfortable the entire time!  Are you one that stays in your clothes all day or do you throw on the comfies as soon as you walk in the door?  Comment below and tell us your after school/work routine.  We LOVE getting to know you better!




Valentine’s Day Inspired Outfit Looks

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I feel it is appropriate to tell my man how much I appreciate him for what he does for our cute little family.  Jordan is my rock and has been with me through it all.  Life can get hard sometimes and I am so grateful for having him with me to push through those difficult moments.  He still makes me laugh.  He sees the best in me always and lets me know all the time that I am appreciated.  Jordan still thinks I am a hot mama in my old age.  He is the world’s greatest daddy and shows so much love and care for our girls (they adore their dad).  We agree on the most important things in life and know how to meet in the middle on small disagreements.  Jordan, I am so glad you are my Valentine!  I love you so much and am so proud of the man, father, husband, best friend you have become.  I’m falling more and more in love with you the longer we are together.  We get each other and life just keeps getting better and better.
Since I have been thinking about Valentine’s day I wanted to give you all four Valentine’s Day inspired looks I created on Polyvore. I made sure to use Valentine’s Day colors in some part of the outfit, and statement pieces representing themes found on V-Day.  This helps your outfit look inspired for Valentine’s.
Look #1 Casual Lace: Add a pop of color for Valentine’s Day in your accessories, and of course a statement handbag shaped as the symbol of love.
Valentine's Day Inspired Look #1
Look #2 Party “Heart”: Be a little more bold with making a statement on V-Day by literally wearing hearts in your looks main piece.
Valentine's Day Inspired Look #2


Look #3 Modern Love: This is a little more dressy of a look because of the turtleneck, skirt and heels.  Can you spy the Valentine’s key pieces in this look?

Valentine's Day Inspired Look #4
Look #4 Polished Pearls Romance: This look reminds me of Whitney. It is very classy with a little bit of glam in the mix.  If you notice, the heels have a heart detail on the front of them.  The rest of this look just screams romance for Valentine’s Day don’t ya think?
Valentine's Day Inspired Look #3

 We hope you have a romantic Valentine’s Day with someone you love and care about!  Now you can style an inspired look for you!

Winter Style Black Duster with Striped Turtleneck Bodysuit

Every year my husband has told me, “Wait until after Christmas to go shopping for clothes because that is when there are good deals on things.”  I took his advice this year and boy am I glad I did!  One of my besties was my partner in crime as we rummaged the racks for some killer deals.  I was able to purchase many items without spending too much dough.  It was a wonderful feeling!  Anytime I can “get a good deal” I feel accomplished and less guilty about spending money on clothing to fill my already stuffed full closet.  This time, I have told myself for every item I brought home with me, I will remove an item from my closet and donate it.  So if you have an itch to go shopping, scratch it.

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Easy Healthy Fish Tacos Recipe with Fresh Salsa

I have had two problems recently… Well I have a LOT more problems than just two but two I am going to talk about.  My first problem has been eating healthy.  Before having my baby (okay he is 15 months now, not quite a baby anymore- sob!) I ate really healthy.  It was a habit I had formed and I enjoyed eating healthy because I liked the way I felt.  Once I got pregnant I ate only what I could stomach, and let’s be honest, that was pretty much carbs, carbs, and crackers (more carbs)!  I couldn’t eat meat because the smell made me want to hurl.  I couldn’t eat salad because the thought of chewing on lettuce made me want to spit it out before even eating it.  I couldn’t eat tomatoes because the heart burn required me to sleep in a chair!  My favorite foods became my least favorite foods, foods that I couldn’t stand before became the only thing I wanted to eat… pregnancy causes you to look, act, and feel like a completely different person!  Oh but those babies are sooo worth it… Aaaanyway, needless to say, I got out of the habit of eating healthy and… 24 months later (ahhh, that’s 2 years!!) I am still trying to get back on track.  So, I am trying to eat healthier. No, I am GOING to eat healthier!!!

Okay, the second thing I am struggling with is using all the food that is in my fridge, freezer and pantry rather than buying new food that doesn’t get used and continuing this awful cycle over and over again.  So… I have a bunch of fish in my freezer from a fishing trip my husband went on with the guys and I need to use it!!  Although I don’t love fish, I do LOVE fish tacos!  Normally I like the breaded fish that is fried in oil for my fish tacos, but I tried something a bit more healthy this go-round… and oh my goodness they turned out delicious!!

Here’s the recipe:


Winter Vest, Sweater and Rain Boot Combo

I always struggle during the Winter time.  Each year during this time I find myself wishing I lived on a tropical island, with a year round temperature in the 80’s; where people think a cold spell is 65 degrees…  If my family didn’t live nearby, I would move in a second.  There is one thing I I do like about Winter though, and that is the layered fashion.  It is so fun to layer up with different textures during the cold Winter months.  I came up with this outfit as I was running late for school and wondering whether I should dress really warm or dress in layers that I could take off if needed.  I started with a sweater, added a vest for warmth (vests are my favorite right now).  I paired the combo with black pants with leather detail and finished the look off with my new red rain boots and some jewelry.  Okay, these rain boots are my current favorite pair of shoes I own!!  When I bought them I wasn’t sure how often I would wear red but I LOVED the red so I bought them anyway.  To my surprise, I wear these boots at least 3 times a week!  They are also sitting next to my outside door because I can slide them on when I need to run out in the freezing cold snow to take out the garbage, get the mail, etc.  I wear these anytime it snows because I can walk pretty much anywhere without getting an ounce of water on my feet or pants… Okay enough of my obsession, I just do love them… Oh, and they are on major sale right now (see below)!!

Complete this Look: