Lately, I have been extremely busy, overwhelmed, and stressed.  When I get this way, my body goes into survival mode and I start to put off the important things.  I get more impatient and snappy towards the people I love.  Exercising gets pushed to the side, when “I have time” to do it, I will.  Eating right takes more time and preparation so I start to grab whatever is there.  Because of things I need to “get done” before the next day, I don’t get to sleep at a normal hour, leaving me exhausted.  Since I haven’t been eating right, exercising, and sleeping well, my life becomes a vicious cycle.  I picture a hamster in a spinning wheel, going 100 miles per hour and not getting anywhere.

I don’t know if any of you feel the same way as I do, but I am guessing many do because life is more stressful and busier than ever.  This inspired me to give myself, and you all, a few tips on how to get in the important things for your well-being.



1.) Try exercising first thing in the morning right when you wake up.  This helps wake you up in the morning and you are less likely to put it off and more likely to get it completed for the day.

2.) Do an intense 30 minute routine rather than an hour to hour and a half workout.  This way you are not having to wake up two hours earlier, just 30 minutes earlier than your usual time.

3.) Think exercise throughout the entire day.  If you work in a building with an elevator, use the stairs.  If you can park further away from buildings, do it.  If you work at a desk, take a quick walk around the building or through the hallways, you will be more productive throughout the entire day for taking those small breaks.

4.) Try going on a walk, jog, bike ride, or whatever type of cardio you ENJOY doing after work.  This gives you a chance to unwind and relieve stress from the day. You can even bring the kids along for a stroller jog, bike ride (with a trailer), etc.


1.) Water, water, water!  Make sure and have a washable water container everywhere you go.  Drink water throughout the entire day.  This gives you energy, cleanses your body, and helps you avoid overeating.

2.) Make sure you have protein in every small meal.

3.) Buy healthy items at the store.  Right when you get home from buying groceries, cut and make bags for the entire week.  If you don’t prepare, you won’t eat as well when you are busy.

4.) Have a plan.  Make sure you create a menu on your phone or a calendar.  If you have a plan you are more likely to stick to it.


1.) Make sure you take time for you.  It may be reading a book or watching your favorite show, whatever it is, take the time to do it.

2.) Put away your cell phone, computer, electronics and have a meaningful conversation with someone that you love.  Truly listen to one another without distraction.

3.) Fill up the bathtub with some warm water and suds.

4.) Meditate; complete a yoga, stretching, or Pilates routine.


1.) Pick a daily bedtime and stick to it.  This means making sure to put the kids to bed, get things cleaned up and getting any nightly tasks done before your set time.

2.) Write out any “To Dos” that are on your mind for the next day.  This will help your mind stop stressing and relax.

3.) Dim the lights, turn the volume down on the T.V., and brew up some chamomile or peppermint tea.

4.) Read an unexciting but semi-interesting book.  This helps your mind keep interest but not too much.

Remember, if you want balance in life put yourself first for a change.  The rest will follow if you take care of you!

I hope these tips help you, because I sure needed them this week!


With Love,


All Dressed Up

The leaves are changing color, air is cool and crisp, you know what that means… Fall is here!  I love layering in the fall and wintertime.  It is so fun to see how you can change some summer and spring items in your wardrobe into fall and winter items by layering.  This sleeveless pleated dress (normally worn in spring or summer) has been paired with some fall/winter items (cardigan, leggings, boots, fall colored jewelry) to form an outfit fitted for fall.










Ladies, have fun looking through your wardrobe to see what spring and summer items you can change by layering to make fall and winter looks!  This saves you money!  Let us know what you come up with.  We would love to see and hear about your darling looks.

“Line” Me Up to Look Fabulous

I am constantly wondering what type of lines I am okay and not okay wearing.  Some say that horizontal lines make you look wider, others say they don’t and they are fashionable. Some say that diagonal lines are too busy, others say they add just the right movement to an outfit… So, what is the truth?!  How are we supposed to know what type of lines look good on us and where we should place these lines on our bodies?  Lucky you, we are here to help!  All the ins and outs about lines in fashion right here:



Vertical lines are very slimming.  They can be placed anywhere on the body and will help to slim out your figure in general.  Vertical lines also add height, making you look taller.  If you are going for a professional look, vertical lines are a great choice.


Vertical lines can be placed as a print:


Single-breasted buttons

image(27)[1]   Fashion Sisters-55


(This dress has a zipper down the entire front)

Fashion Sisters-46

Decorative Detail

(On a blouse or bottoms)

backing  DSC_0282 (2)


Bright and Floral Outfit

Horizontal Lines

The long-lived rumor that horizontal lines make you look wider is true to some extent.  These lines definitely want to serve a purpose and should be placed in a spot that you want to draw attention to.  For example: my body type is hourglass, I have wider hips and a narrower waist.  Rather than placing a horizontal line at my hips I would want to place it at my waist, drawing attention to the smaller part of my body.


Place horizontal lines in areas you want emphasized such as the waist, your legs, your shoulders, etc.

A Belt:


Double-breasted buttons:


High-wasted bottoms up higher:


Hem of a Dress/Skirt hit at the smaller part of your leg:

Pink Dress

Off-the-shoulder top:

Diagonal Lines


Diagonal lines are actually quite slimming as well.  They create a fun, playful illusion to the look while adding movement.


A diagonal lined print

(These diagonal lines are subtle, this jacket has been quilted)


Asymmetrical Jacket

Fashion Sisters-14

Pockets that are not straight

(The pockets on this jacket are angled, you can somewhat see the zipper under my arm)




Circle or A-line skirts and dresses


Triangular Scarf


High-Low Top or Dress


Curved Lines


Curved lines add femininity and softness to an outfit.  They help a harsh or hard outfit look less bold and structured.






Infinity Scarf




Scalloping (this is my current favorite way to add curved lines to an outfit)

So, what are your most flattering features?  Accentuate those and forget about the rest!  None of us have a perfect body.  Learn to wear clothes that accentuate your body’s positive aspects rather than getting down on yourself about your body not looking good in certain styles.

I truly hope this will help you begin to dress your body in a way that will help you love it, because you are beautiful, express that to the world!

Love you all,






Peaches and Scarves

I have a confession… I have not had a fresh peach in years.  I tried a peach when I was younger and preferred the canned peaches so I assumed I didn’t like fresh ones and haven’t given them a second chance.  Well, the other day I was given some fresh peaches from a friend and thought Camden might like them.  I cut one in half, peeled it, and diced it up to feed him.  As he took his first bite his eyes lit up in complete satisfaction, he LOVED the peach!  As I was feeding him I decided to give a small piece a try… and oh how I have been missing out on the good things in life… It was soooo delicious!  Safe to say that I now love fresh peaches and I’m sad the season for peaches is quickly coming to an end.  To celebrate this new-found love, I decided to wear peach for my outfit of the week, even though we often see the color peach in the spring — check out how I decided to style it for a fall look.  I added neutrals and dark olive green to soften and mute the peach rather than brighten the color.









Similar Items:

Scarf (Nordstrom), Peach Cardigan (Joe Fresh), Beige Blouse- On Sale (LIU JO Jeans), Dark Olive Pants- On Sale (Rag & Bone), Beige Booties (TJ Maxx), Peach Earrings (Lolly Ella)


Have a great week lovelies!


Fall Frenzy with Triangular Scarf











I have decided my favorite season to shop for is Fall.  I love being able to layer things and wear scarves; I am a scarf hoarder!  Rarely do I wear every single scarf I own in one season.  Scarves are fun because they can change a look in seconds.  This outfit of the week looked a bit plain until I added the triangular hounds-tooth scarf (my favorite, most worn scarf I own).  All the outfit deets below!

Happy Tuesday!

5 Ways to Wear a Dress This Fall

I have always been a dress and heels girl, I’m pretty sure if I could’ve talked at birth then I would’ve insisted on a sparkly dress as my “first outfit” going home from the hospital.  I’ve always been known as the fashionista of the family.  I will never forget the time when Shalese and I were headed out for a much needed GNO with our sisters and mom.  I spent hours getting ready for this much anticipated night of ugly laughing (you know the kind where your face gets all scrunched up because you can’t control it), girl talk, and food galore.  I picked the perfect outfit for the occasion, a flowing pink dress and some killer heels.  When I say killer… I mean it!  I was known in my younger, unwise years to take style over comfort — well I learned my lesson that evening…  You know those moments in the movies where the girl is gliding down the street with her hair blowing in the wind, dress flowing, and everyone around is gazing at this beauty, frozen in a moment in time?  Well, that is how I was feeling at this moment.  I walked toward the restaurant entrance, my dress flowing in the wind, my high heels creating just the perfect bounce to my step, strutting my stuff like a runway model (or so I hoped), I began opening the door to my destination, determined to make an appearance of awe and… BOOM!  I biffed it.  When I say biffed it… I mean ankle went out on me because of the heels and I landed face first on the floor in the lobby.  Shalese was right in front of me and of course, watched the entire scene unfold in utter shock. Following her shock comes laughter, and more laughter, and while still laughing she finally helps me up off the floor and asks halfheartedly, “are you okay?” followed by more laughter. Thanks for that Lese!  (LOL)

From that moment on I realized you can diversify/style a dress without sacrificing comfort.  With that being said, this Olive Ribbed Knit Trapeze Dress from My Sister’s Closet Boutique is currently my favorite, most comfortable dress in my wardrobe this fall.  One of my favorite things about this dress is its versatility.  I can pair so many different pieces with it to create a completely different look.  So whether I am going to work, carting kids around, headed out for a GNO, or going with my hubby on a hot date, I can wear this dress for each occasion!  Here are five ways I have diversified this darling dress for fall!

Look 1 (Casually Chic): Add a blanket scarf and some booties

dsc_0149    dsc_0146


Look 2 (Sophisticated): Throw on a cardigan and heels — I now wear only low heels…

dsc_0475    dsc_0477


Look 3 (Young and Hip): Put on a vest and some booties

dsc_0181    dsc_0448


Look 4 (Glamorous): Throw on a leather jacket and some pumps.

dsc_0494    dsc_0487


Look 5 (Comfy and Cute): Wear some casual tennis-shoes.

dsc_0459    dsc_0463

Get this dress, along with other darling pieces at My Sister’s Closet Boutique and use code POLISHEDPEARLS10 for 10% off your entire order!

What is your favorite way to style a dress for fall? Comment below!



How To Wear a Floral Print this Fall

Sometimes when you think floral you think spring, but this floral dress from My Sister’s Closet Boutique is the perfect floral print to be worn during the fall.  I am one that would prefer to wear pajamas to work if I could get away with it — this dress feels like I’m wearing a nightgown but yet I feel super stylish and “put together!”  This floral print dress is only $28.00 right now and comes in a variety of styles and colors.  Plus, you can get 10% off this week at My Sister’s Closet Boutique using code POLISHEDPEARLS10. They offer free shipping on all orders as well!

Here are some fun ways to wear a floral print dress this fall:

Wear Boots Instead of Flats or Heels


Try adding Leg Warmers under your Boots


Add a Duster Jacket


Wear a Scarf and some Chelsea Boots


Throw on a pair of Cream Pearls


If you’re feeling really fancy, add a colorful Scarf and some neutral Ankle Boots

The key is to wear a scarf that coordinates with a color in the floral print, but the color chosen should be a fall, rather than a spring color such as: olive-green, plum, cream, burnt orange, mustard yellow, brown, etc.


Taking a floral pattern and making it work for fall is actually a lot of fun!  Try it out and let us know how it goes.


Love The Polished Pearls Sister,




imageWhitney always says, “Shalese, please do not tell people I do your hair because you never come in for your six week appointment.  Your regrowth is two inches long!”  My response, “I just never know my schedule that far ahead of time, I get busy, six weeks seems like a while but it always comes and goes.”  By the time I finally schedule an appointment with Whit, I am usually saying, “It has been three months and I am in desperate need of an all over hair color!”  Since I am not the best at consistently scheduling my six week appointments, I have found a quick root fix.  One of my good friends discovered and shared this product with me and I am forever grateful to her!  After this amazing discovery, my outgrown roots have gone from drab to fab in seconds!

STEP 1: Buy Spray the Gray Away that matches your hair color.

$9.99 Black/Dark Brown

$9.99 Light Brown

$9.99 Lightest Brown/Blonde


STEP 2: Style your hair for the day.


STEP 3: Spray product on your dry, styled hair holding it 3-5 inches away from roots.  You only have to apply product on your part. (I always hairspray my hair after the Spray the Gray Away dries.)


**You’re done and people will be asking if you just got a color done!


I hope this helps those of you that wait until the very last minute to get their hair recolored, or those of us who need to cover a little grey — no shame, no shame.