Fall Colors- Bring Them On!

I have always loved fall.  The color changing of the leaves, the cooler temperatures, barbecuing on the deck, sleeping with the windows open… I love it all.  Except for one part… the coming of fall means the coming of winter soon after, and I dread winter.  The slick roads, freezing temperatures, being stuck inside, getting sick every other week… I do not enjoy winter.  I joke with my husband every year when winter rolls around that I am going to move to Hawaii because I wouldn’t have to even own a coat!  So far I have stayed put and suffered winter year after year… for 26 years.

One thing I do love about Utah is the changing of the seasons.  We get to see spring, summer, fall and winter and there is something wonderful about experiencing each season every year (although I wish winter were about 3 months shorter, ha!).  One of the major things I love about the changing of seasons is the changing of fashion trends.  One of my favorite things to do as a season is approaching is check out Pantone’s Fashion Color Report to determine which colors will be in during the coming season.  This fall the colors are so fun!  Check them out here.

I have selected 3 of these fall colors for my outfit this week- Riverside Blue, Spicy Mustard, and Potters Clay.  They are a great combination of bright, subtle, and bold all in one outfit.  I love how this outfit turned out.  I have to stop myself from wearing it every day, ha ha.







Don’t look at my terribly grown out toes, I literally booked it to the spa to get them done right after seeing this picture! 🙂


Similar Items:

Blouse (H&M), Mustard Jeans (Amazon– I have looked for these everywhere!), Brown Sandals (American Eagle Outfitters), Mustard Earrings (Kohls)

Check out Thursday’s post for a full details on this fall’s fashion colors and what’s trending, along with outfit ideas!

Hope you have an amazing week!


Each Step for 5 Meals Prep (How to Organize a Weeks Worth of Small Meals)

I have found I genuinely enjoy healthy foods… If they are ready and available to grab and go. Who else feels rushed in the mornings? My sisters and I always joke about how if we were wealthy like the celebrities and could hire a personal nutritionist, cook, and personal trainer, we could look like they do.  Let’s be honest, the majority of my family members are school teachers.  We love and are passionate about what we do, but probably won’t ever make the “big bucks!”  So, I decided to help all of us out and show you my step by step process in prepping five small meals each day for five days, taking under two hours when prepping for two people, split that time in half if prepping for one. My family usually completes this on Sunday night in preparation for the coming week.
















STEP 5: PLACE ALL ITEMS IN CONTAINERS OR BAGS (If you are a crazy person like me, and love organization… take a photo of each day.  Ensuring you are getting the proper amount of protein per small meal.)

Monday: 1.) Oatmeal with walnuts, Craisins, brown sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon, an apple 2.) Hummus, veggie bag, string cheese 3.) Shredded chicken salad, apple 4.) Protein bar, peach 5.) Celery with peanut butter


Tuesday: 1.) Greek yogurt, two hard-boiled eggs, apple 2.) Watermelon, celery, hummus, string cheese 3.) Protein bar, peach 4.) Turkey slices, veggie bag 5.) peanut butter and apple


Wednesday: 1.) Oatmeal with walnuts, Craisins, brown sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon, an apple 2.) Protein bar and egg 3.) Peach, turkey slices, veggies 4.) watermelon, celery, peanut butter 5.) Greek yogurt, apple


Thursday: 1.) Protein smoothie 2.) beet hummus, veggie bag, turkey slices 3.) Greek yogurt, apple 4.) two hard-boiled eggs, peach 5.) celery, peanut butter, apple


Friday: 1.) Oatmeal with walnuts, Craisins, brown sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon, an apple 2.) Protein bar, peach 3.) Turkey, cottage cheese, veggie bag 4.) apple, string cheese, two boiled eggs 5.) Greek yogurt




I hope this helps with organizing and preparing small meals for the week!  We have a ton of fun doing this together as a family.  I get to work and the girls get to eat, it is a win win!


Happy Healthy Eating!


Bright “n” Fall









Have you ever had that moment in life you realize how old you are getting?  Well, I finally had mine today!  I took a trip to the orthodontist because my teeth had shifted a bit from not wearing my retainer consistently at night (uh oh…)!  I know I should have worn it every night but I slacked off when I first got married because let’s be honest… It is not that attractive when you are going in for a kiss with your new hubby and you are like– slurp, clicking tongue against retainer noise– “Wait one second, I have to take out my retainer.”– followed by an awkward laugh!

Anyways, as I was saying, I started feeling old when I walked in for my appointment and the majority of the patients were in their early teens, and the banner on their TV was broadcasting all the people getting their braces off that day! Now, I’m not saying there aren’t adults getting braces on and off as well, just not as many.

My realization didn’t end there… The second event that made me feel old, was seeing my darling cousin working there that I babysat when she was about 11 months old.  She graduated high school and is in her career now.

To top off this feeling of getting old was the final event at this appointment.  My orthodontist came over to check in on me and he couldn’t find some of my records because they were in the “old system” and my last recorded appointment was in the year 2005!!!  Realizing this was over a decade ago, I wanted to cry!

Enough said, I had to make sure and bring in some youthful colors for my outfit of the week. Hence, the bright green cardigan and royal blue floral print top.  Paired with one of my favorite brands of skinny jeans, Flying Monkey and my new favorite wedges.  I’m loving the color of these wedges I purchased at Famous Footwear because they go with just about anything.  All the details below!




Similar Shirt Similar Cardigan Skinny JeansSimilar NecklaceWedge HeelsSimilar Earrings

10 Must Haves for Your Closet this Fall

I have always loved coming up with as many outfits as possible using the clothes I have in my closet.  In fact, 2 years ago, as summer was wrapping up and I was planning my wardrobe for the upcoming school year, I decided I was going to try to avoid wearing the same thing twice for the entire school year — needless to say, I have WAY too many clothes.  As the school year progressed and I came to school each day with an entirely different outfit on, my students started asking, “Mrs. Carter, can I come shopping in your closet?  I swear, you have never worn the same thing twice!”  It was actually quite fun to come up with a swarm of different outfits, but I did find myself loving a particular shirt and feeling sad that I could only wear it once, since I had made this pact with myself.  From this experience, I have come to find that creating many different outfits is a great tool, but using a few of my favorite items makes it even more fun!  This fall I have started planning my own wardrobe and have come up with a list of 10 essential items for a fall wardrobe.  Using these 10 items that I have found in my own closet, I have created 20 different outfits!  Hopefully using these tools, you can also create a flawless fall wardrobe using these 10 essential items!

10 Must Haves for Your Closet this Fall

    1. Burnt orange pants
    2. Olive green pants
    3. Boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans
    4. Patterned tank top
    5. Patterned blouse (2)
    6. Neutral blouse
    7. Vest
    8. Leopard print cardigan
    9. Neutral cardigan or blazer
    10. Blanket scarf

Look through your closet to find similar items so you can put numerous outfits together this fall! If you are in need of any of the items, I have linked a few below.

Items on Sale Right Now:


Using ONLY these 10 essential items which I found in my closet, and adding a few accessories, I have created 20 fall outfits! This will allow me to wear a different outfit to work for 4 weeks using only these 10 pieces of clothing! Check it out:

imageimage image image  imageimage image  image image   imageimageimage image  image image  image image imageimageimage

Good luck planning your fall wardrobe!  I hope this helps you out and saves you some money along the way. Comment below with any questions or ideas you have about fall wardrobe planning.



Casually Lace

Hi Friends! One of my favorite textiles to wear is lace. I am so happy it has made its way back on the runway the past few years. Lace adds such elegant texture to an outfit. When I found this knit sheath dress with the lace detailing, it was “love at first sight”!  It’s both comfortable, easy to wear, and perfect for work. I added a long-sleeved blouse with a Peter Pan collar to add a bit more emphasis to the top of the dress, then to make it a perfect fall outfit I added leggings and boots. Here’s how it turned out:


Similar Blue Dress Option 1:  $17.00

Similar Blue Dress Option 2: $55.00 (I’m obsessed with this dress!)

Similar Cream Blouse $13.64



Similar Black Leggings $5.90


Similar Boots $119.37


Similar Pendant Necklace  $44.97


Similar Earrings $599.00 (it’s okay to splurge every so often, ha!)


I hop you guys have a great final week of summer!

❤️ The Polished Pearls Sista,


Fall Makeup Trends

Whitney, I am happy to say… your silver gel pen (used as eyeliner) in the bathroom at school has made it on the list of fall makeup trends!!! See, even as a child you were always makeup/fashion savvy.  I was too busy spending my elementary years playing football and racing all the boys.  In my adolescent years, I am always stuck wondering what is “in” for the seasons makeup, so I thought I would be helpful and give you a list of fall 2016 makeup trends found on the runway. Drum roll please…!


Makeup trends that are in this fall! Take a look!


  • Dark lips

  • Glossy lips

  • Glitter cherry red lips

  • Bright pink lips

  • Pastel pink lips

  • No color added lips


  • The smoky eye (adding some smoke/smudge to the bottom lash line as well)

  • Twiggy, doll like lashes

  • Silver metallic liner in the corner of the eye or used as eyeliner

  • Blue eye-shadow (one I will have to get used to)

  • Arty eyeliner 

  • Glitter used on eyes in small doses

  • Copper penny colored eyelids (My favorite trend this fall!)

  • Rainbow colored eyes (another trend I need to warm up to)

  • Natural Brows

  • Black lashes, emphasize the lashes

Research found at: 




I can’t wait to see what you all come up with on your own using these trends!  Tag us in photos on Instagram or Facebook, we would love to see!



“Girly Girl” Dress








How many of you remember what you were like as a kid?  Now that I have kids of my own it is so fun to see some of the similarities my own children share with me.  Family members are always saying how much my daughter Lily looks and acts just like I did when I was her age.  Thinking back to my younger years, I remember always wanting to hang out with the boys.  I loved sports and being active.  I hated dresses and my hair “too girly!”  I still remember when I was in elementary school on picture day, my mom had puffed my bangs up sky high after curling them and spraying them stiff with hairspray.  Before leaving for school she said, “Shalese, please make sure you don’t run around before pictures, wait until after to play sports with the boys so that your bangs stay nice and poofy.”  Sure enough, the photograph my mom still has is proof that I was definitely not what you would call a “girly girl,” bangs down and all.

Obviously, parts of my personality have changed.  I still like to be fit and active, but I do love getting all dolled up with makeup, dresses, and hairstyles.  This outfit of the week is truly one of my favorite quick and easy, yet professional looks.  Really, it doesn’t take much effort to put an outfit together with this dress I bought at Banana Republic.  Add a couple pieces of jewelry and boots and you are all ready to go and take on the world for the day!

Thanks for taking the time to read my reminiscing moment!  I feel I am having more and more of these moments as my girls get older, (or maybe because I am getting older)!

Have a happy week loves!




Grey Boots – Dress Option 1Dress Option 2Dress Option 3 – Dress Option 4Dress Option 5Similar Bracelet Similar Earrings

Back To School Hairstyle

School is starting in a couple of weeks, with Shalese and I being teachers we are always looking for professional-looking hairstyles that don’t take too much time or effort since mornings are crazy trying to get kids ready, ourselves ready, and make it to work on time. So, this is a hairstyle that is quick, easy, and keeps your hair out of your face all day long!


Step-by-Step Guide:

Complete this look in just 10 easy steps!

Step 1: Part hair exaggerated on one side


Step 2: French braid fringe area to the end of the hair line then braid to the ends directing the hair back


Step 3: Loosen braid by holding the end and pulling each side, start from the bottom and work to the top. Temporarily secure braid with a clip or elastic.


Step 4: Back-comb the remaining hair


Step 5: Smooth hair with a comb so you can’t see back-combing on the surface of the hair


Step 6: Pull hair up into a loose pony tail (I use two elastics — first one is really loose, second one is tight)


Step 7: If desired, pull hair to loosen pony tail even more (this give a messy look).


Step 8: Loosely pull the braid back under the pony tail and wrap the braid around the pony tail elastic until the end, secure with a bobby pin.

image  image

Step 9: Curl the pony tail


Step 10: Back comb the top of the pony tail and spray the style to set it.

image   image


Great job!  You’ve completed a quick and easy hairstyle that will keep you looking professional and put together all day long!