Artificial Sweeteners… Good or Bad???

Whenever we went out as a family to a restaurant we would search out the table for the blue, pink, and yellow packets next to the salt, pepper, and ketchup containers. As kids, we weren’t searching for these artificial sweeteners to add a bit of spunk to our food or coffee; we loved playing the “packet game” with them! You could decide on whether to choose one, two, or three packets at a time on your turn. Winner was the one who wasn’t stuck picking the last packet up. (hint: if you ever play this game remember five is your friend.  My older siblings figured that out long before I ever did). Little did we know how harmful these sweeteners are to the body.

The three most common artificial sweeteners today are saccharine, aspartame, and sucralose. Researchers have found that these artificial sweeteners affect our bodies in 3 areas.



These artificial sweeteners trick your pancreas into believing you have consumed a large amount of sugary foods so it produces more insulin to break down all that sugar, when in reality you only ate a small packet of sugar. It is like, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”… After enough times of being tricked, your pancreas stops producing this hormone called insulin, leading to diabetes.


There is a part in our brain that is known to satisfy your so called, “craving” so that you don’t overeat/consume too many calories. When you use artificial sweeteners, this “numbs” that part of the brain. Thus, you consume more calories because you never feel satisfied, leading you to overeat.

Taste Buds:

These sweeteners dull your taste buds. This is a problem because natural sugars found in fruit don’t taste as sweet and satisfying anymore. Sweet is no longer sweet to you.


  • Read the labels, if you can’t comprehend an ingredient, it is probably a good idea not to eat/drink it.
  • If you use artificial sweeteners try halving the amount per week until you don’t need them anymore.
  • Throw away the artificial sweeteners and use coconut sugar, even table sugar is a better option; also, honey or agave are great alternatives
  • Limit intake of diet sodas (they are filled with these artificial sweeteners).
  • If something you are eating/drinking doesn’t have calories read the label carefully, there probably is some chemical in it. It is kind of like the saying, “nothing in this world comes free!”

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Pineapple Fun

I won this dress from Cococheeks Beachwear giveaway a couple of weeks ago and have been excited to wear it! I love the pineapple print because it is so fun and summery. I’m into wearing hats lately so I paired the dress with this black floppy hat.  Of course, I had to wear my new favorite heels! All of the outfit details below.














Hat – Denim shirtOpen toed heelsLeather Infinity Bracelet – Bangle Anchor Bracelet – Bangles


Cococheeks Beachwear:

DressNecklace – Earrings

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Roundup

I was extremely happy to find that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale actually starts on my anniversary!  As I have been dreamily searching for the perfect items to purchase I have struggled to pick only a few.  There are some fantastic deals on quality, designer clothing and accessories and I can’t wait for you guys to see!  Here are some of my favorite items:



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale DRESSES


Shop these items:



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- TOPS


Shop items here:


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- BOTTOMS


Shop items here:



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- SHOES


Shop items here:

Don’t miss this amazing sale that only comes once a year. I hope you can find the perfect items for you!
Happy Shopping!

Flowers Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Bright and Floral Outfit

So, the first floral item I purchased was a pair of orange, grey and black skinnies. Upon returning from the store and showing my new lovely find to my husband, the response I got was far from pleasing. His response, “I’m pretty sure my grandma used to have a couch made out of that same fabric.” Needless to say, that was the last time I took his opinion on fashion to heart! ?

Luckily, floral prints have gone from drab to fab! I have been loving floral patterned tops, skirts, pants, scarves, and have now found my dream pair of floral shoes!  When I purchased these shoes I wondered what on earth I would wear them with, although that didn’t stop me from buying them.  From the moment I laid eyes on these gorgeous “floral slippers” I just HAD to have them.  I figured I would find something to pair them with eventually.  Once I got these heels home and started searching through my closet, I found a number of outfits I could put together to go with these shoes perfectly!  Here is one of the outfits I came up with. This look will be perfect for teaching this coming school year because it’s both professional and bright!








Shoes (Ivanka Trump), Blazer-sold out (Halogen) similar here and here, Similar Top- on sale! (Vince Camuto), Similar White Skinny Jeans- on sale! (Miss Me), Similar Earrings- on sale! (Kohls), Similar Bracelets (Croft and Barrow).

I hope you all have a great week!  Live it up because summer is going to be done before we know it.




“Shell Yes” Mermaid Makeup

Whit is going to kill me when she reads this post!  Oh well, it will be so worth it!  So, when Whit was a little kid, my mom, older sister, myself, etc. would find her in various locations in our house using a “dingle hopper” on her hair.  She would swipe a kitchen fork out of the drawer and find a mirror, corner, couch and “pick” through her hair like Ariel.  Not only did she use a “dingle hopper” as a small child, but while taking a bath you could hear her in the tub, swishing her hair around singing with her amazing voice to recreate the Ariel tune, you know the one… “Ah Ah Ah Ah… Ah Ah Ah Ah… Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah AH AH AH AH!” This has been a long time a comin’ on finally living out her mermaid fantasy she has had instilled in her since first encountering “The Little Mermaid”!

We are super excited to be going to the @thealisonshow Shell Yes Party Wednesday night.  If you are going or would like to know how Whit did her makeup, here are some steps to recreate this dramatic eye-look so you can get your mermaid on!



Step 1: Cover your eyelid completely with a neutral shimmer color of eye-shadow


Step 2: Using shimmer powder eye-shadow, smear underneath eye and on side of cheek


Step 3: Using a blue, purple, or green shimmer powder eye-shadow make a triangular shape on the outer eye-lid (be dramatic with it)


Step 4: Using netting, place over cheek and eye area (you may need someone to help you with this step)


Step 5: Smear a small amount of Corn Syrup or Makeup Adhesive Spray over the netting on the parts you want to be sparkly. With a large eye-shadow brush dab any color of sparkles that you want, then add a darker eye-shadow over the top so you can see the netting lines really well.  Take off the netting and blend different parts if needed


Step 6: Use paper to form a cat eye diagonal line.  


Step 7: Use black eye-shadow to form a distinct black line


Step 8: Add some small jewels to help create that mermaid effect






Fun Hair to go with this mermaid makeup look!!! (I seriously just braided random pieces and used a ton of bobby pins, looping hair in and out of each other).  Added seashells and jewels at the end!  Have fun, don’t be picky and let your imagination go wild!  You can’t be too safe when doing crazy things like this!



Floppy Bun

This is my go to summer hairstyle that takes less than three minutes to do! This works great on kid and adult hair.

Here are the four easy steps to complete this cute look.

STEP 1: Pull your hair up in a high pony-tail


STEP 2: With a second elastic band, wrap around like a pony-tail but on the last wrap, pull hair halfway through so that hair is hanging out from the top.


STEP 3: Grab all ends of hair and tuck them up and over the elastic band so the band is no longer visible and is holding all excess hair.


STEP 4: Pinch and pull on different sections to shape the bun however you like. Use bobby-pins if necessary.








You are done! Pretty easy huh!?

Bold ‘n’ Red









Remember that bet I had with my hubby that won me $100 shopping spree? Well, I bought these darling black open-toed heels to spend the remaining extra cash I had!

I went to a conference in Park City so of course I had to go to the outlets! My friends I was with probably thought I was a bit over excited about the blowout sale Banana Republic was having. When I say blowout, I mean killer deals for real! For example, I got a dress for $14! That kind of luck just doesn’t normally happen at a store like Banana Republic, so you can understand how ecstatic I was to find this cherry red button up colored shirt on sale as well! Pretty sure we went back to the store twice to get items I had placed on hold so I could “think about it” before I bought them.


How To Dress an Inverted Triangle/Apple Body Shape

Hi friends! Check out our post on Determining Your Body Type to help you identify which body type you have.  If you are lucky enough to have an inverted triangle/apple body shape, read below to see multiple ways to flatter your body shape and what clothing items look best on you.

If you have a tubular body type, check out our post on How To Dress a Rectangle/Tubular Body Shape.  If you have an hourglass body type, check out our post on How To Dress an Hourglass Body Shape.  If you have a Triangle/Pear body type, check out our post on How To Dress a Triangle/Pear Body Shape.  We will be posting on how to dress an inverted triangle/apple body shape next Thursday.

A quick explanation, the goal for each body type is to create a balanced illusion, accentuating the waistline and balancing the chest/shoulders and the hips while elongating the legs.


If your body type is inverted triangle or apple, your chest/shoulders are wider than your hips.  Your goal is to balance out the chest/shoulders and the hips by creating an illusion of volume on the lower half of the body and less volume on the upper half of the body.  This body shape is quite desirable and you are lucky if you have this shape, many current models have this shape.  Some clothing ideas and tips for your body type include:


  • Tops that draw attention away from your chest and shoulders
  • Tops that have vertical lines, this will help to elongate the upper body
  • Halter tops, V-necklines, scoop necklines
  • Soft textured tops as to soften shoulders
  • Single-breasted jackets
  • Jackets open and shirts unbuttoned, this will help create vertical lines to elongate the upper body
  • Tops and dresses the accentuate the waistline
  • Longer tops to help elongate upper body
  • Wear darker colored or muted patterned tops
  • Bottoms with pattern
  • Bottoms with volume- A-line skirts, bell skirts
  • Belts to accentuate waistline


  • Tops that over-accentuate the chest
  • Tops with a heavy design or volume in the shoulders
  • Tops with horizontal lines
  • Square and boat necklines
  • Double-breasted jackets
  • Heavy lapels
  • Heavy knits
  • Bright or bold patterns on top
  • Tapered skirts

Inverted Triangle Outfit Idea

Inverted Triangle/Apple Body Type Outfit


Inverted Triangle Clothing Pieces

Everyone’s body is different.  These are general guidelines but wear what feels comfortable and what you feel is flattering to your personal body shape.  We hope this is a helpful tool for you.


Article 1:  40+Style Blog

Article 2: Look Fabulous

Let us know if you have any other helpful tips that you have found flatters your body type.


The Polished Pearls Sista- Whitney