Spring and Summer 2016 Dress Trends

Spring 2016 Dress Trends
Dress Trends 2016


As you can tell from last week’s post on Summer Dresses, Shalese and I are obsessing over dresses right now.  We have been searching for dresses and found some that fit perfectly with the current Spring/Summer trends for 2016.  Some of these trends include: sheer fabric, laser cutting, fringe, gingham (done right), multi-colored striped fabrics, and floral print!

     Splurge               vs.               Save

We were excited to find out that Macy’s is having their Friends and Family Sale!  Take an extra 25% off and get free shipping on any $25 purchase with code FRIEND. Valid now through May 2.  Check some of these dresses out, plus more at Macys!
Have an amazing weekend!
Shalese and Whitney

Tips for Lips

Hey Girls,

Let’s be honest, since we were little we have always wanted to go to a fancy ball and be Cinderella for a night. Well, I finally had my chance when my husband brought home an invitation to a black tie event! I was so excited and actually had butterflies! I was sorely disappointed when I was getting myself glammed up, lipstick and all, and my husband walks in and says,  “Just so you know… I talked to a lady and she said no one would be wearing gowns or black ties.” Seriously, why should I find people wearing black ties at a black tie event? My expectations were too high but someday maybe I will be a princess for a night, so I want to be ready!  Whether it’s a black tie event or any event for that matter, the right color of lipstick is a must!

Invite #1


What: Ruby Red Matte

Where: “Real” Black Tie Event (wink) or maybe a party

When: Starry nights

Invite #2


What: Lemonade Matte

Where: Picnic with someone special

When: Daytime

Invite #3


What: Sun-kissed Nude Gloss

Where: Swimming or on the beach

When: Sunny days

Invite #4


What: Honey Glaze

Where: Work- at the office, your classroom (Whit and I), or at home being a mama

When: All day, everyday, when you’re being overly responsible

Invite #5


What: Mocha Matte

Where: Date Night

When: Moonlit night- the time your lips need to look there best (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Invite #6


What: Pink Rose Shine

Where: Lunch with someone special

When: During a carefree moment in your busy day

Invite #7 


What: Caramel Glace

Where: Wedding

When: Day or night either time you want to look smokin’ in case you run into your past-present-future; ex, roommate, mother-in-law, friend, etc

Invite #8


What: Champagne Shimmer

Where: Ball Game

When: Day or night, just because you are wearing a baseball hat doesn’t give you an excuse to neglect your lips

Invite #9



What: Fuscia Gloss

Where: Shopping

When: Anytime, all the time, every time

Invite #10


What: Latte Silk

Where: Brunch

When: Morning or midday depending on when you wake up and decide to grace someone with your presence

Love Always The Polished Pearls Sista,


Denim Delight

Does anyone else have a super hard time wearing fashion repeats from their childhood? There is a family picture from the 90’s hanging on my mom’s wall and our entire family, including my dad’s extended side of the family, are wearing denim shirts and pants. This picture sticks out in my mind each time I am shopping and spot a denim shirt. It has taken me a while to finally “jump on the band wagon” of denim fashion. Luckily, I had a little help from my husband’s family because they gave me this darling jean shirt for a birthday present. I put it on and absolutely fell in love with it. Not only is it super cute, it is comfy too!


Similar Denim Shirt $19.90

Splurge Denim Shirt $99.99


Similar Grey Skinny Jeans $37.40


Similar Cream Knitted Vest $22.90


Similar Gold Pendent $22.75

image(33)[1]     image(41)[1]

Similar Infinity Golden Necklace $21.44


Similar Teardrop Earrings $19.99

Similar Teardrop Earrings $14.99


Similar Wedge Shoes $45.95



Love Always The Polished Pearls Sista,


Blossoms and Dresses

The other day I was driving home from work and found myself venturing past some cherry tree orchards. The trees were blossoming and the scent was sweet and calming. I started visualizing myself galloping through these trees on horseback, wearing a gorgeous dress, on a journey to a picnic lunch with the prince of my dreams… Okay, okay, I do tend to have an old spirit at times, and I have a tendency to daydream at times that are inappropriate (such as driving), but I will not bore you with these fantasies of growing up in the days of gentlemen, courting, balls, fancy gowns and petticoats. Honestly, I would have loved wearing dresses every day because I love dressing up! This all started when I was young, my sister got a pair of silky pink pajamas for Christmas and they were the most beautiful textile I had ever seen. This fabric was much too gorgeous to be worn to bed… So I decided to take these pants and create a dress! I was 6, I didn’t know how to sew, so I decided to improvise. I slipped into my sister’s room, took these pants, slid my entire body into one leg of the pants, took the other leg and slid it over my head, creating a heavy turtle-neck, open back, sheath dress. This was the beginning of my desire to create fashion designs.

So, even though it would be inappropriate to wear a ball gown to teach high school students, I found this gorgeous pink dress at Nordstrom Rack (one just opened where I live!!). I called Shalese right after I left the store and told her she HAD to go and check out their clearance section. She talked her husband into it and they went on a date to Nordstrom Rack (I’m sure he was thrilled, ha). She called me and told me she also found a darling summer dress. So, we returned to these gorgeous cherry orchards and took a few shots of our fun summer ball gowns, well as close to a ball gown as is socially acceptable to wear on a day-to-day basis.

Summer dress     Summer Dress

Pink Dress     Floral Dress

image     image

Summer Dress     Floral Dress

Pink Dress     Floral Dress

Check out these similar hot pink dresses, all under $70:

Check out these similar floral dresses, all under $50:

So, go out and find your “Summer Ball Gown” and feel like a modern day princess!




Spring on the Cardio


So… I am going to just come right out and say it… I hate cardio.  Wow, that feels good to say!  I have been holding that in for a while.  Okay, let me be a little more specific.  I hate running on a treadmill for 30+ minutes (feeling like I am going nowhere).  It doesn’t matter if I have my headphones on turned to my favorite jams, or I’m watching my favorite video on the screen, I always tend to watch the clock slowly move up (if it is moving at all lol).  Thinking I have run 20 minutes, I look down at the screen hoping I am almost done and find that I have only completed 5 minutes and 30 seconds and I want to throw in the towel right then and there.  My dislike for running on a treadmill has brought out the creativity inside of me.  In order for me to actually do cardio consistently I can’t be bored.  I want to feel like I am not doing cardio at all but just being entertained (if that makes any sense).  Luckily, Spring and Summer are here and that means I can start doing some super fun cardio activities!  I have compiled a list of my 20 favorite ideas I have implemented into my daily routine!  I invite you to try these out too and let me know what you think!


  1. playing tennis
  2. golfing (walking –  not riding in a cart)
  3. swimming
  4. hiking
  5. walking on various nature trails
  6. stroller rides
  7. playing racket ball
  8. playing football
  9. playing basketball
  10. water skiing
  11. paddle boating
  12. rollerblading/skating
  13. biking
  14. jogging
  15. canoeing
  16. jumping rope
  17. playing kickball
  18. playing bad-mitten
  19. river rafting
  20. participate in a 5K, 10 K, or Ragnar

*Even though these aren’t considered cardio by the strictest of definitions, I love playing softball and sand volleyball!



Love The Polished Pearls Sista,


Liquid Eyeliner Application Tips

Do you remember when white and silver eye liners were a fad?  When I was in elementary school I  would sneak into the girl’s bathroom and draw bright silver eyeliner on my eyelids with a silver gel pen since my mom didn’t allow me to wear make up.  This was just the beginning of my rebellious years – if you call stuffing mini skirts and bikinis in your trunk rebelling.  It feels good to come clean about that… Anyway, now that I understand how to properly apply eyeliner (don’t worry I won’t be demonstrating how to apply gel pen to your eyelids), I’m here to give you a few ideas on how to apply: pencil, gel, and liquid eyeliner.

In case you missed out last week, we posted on the different Types of Eyeliner.  Check this post out to better understand what each type is specifically used for.

Liquid Liner

Application 1- Simple, Thin Line

image     image     image

  • Step 1- Dip the brush into the liquid and clean the excess off on the edge of the bottle (you only want a small amount of liquid)
  • Step 2- Lightly brush the product across your lash line.  I like to use small strokes rather than trying to draw a line, it helps me to get a straighter line (since I can’t draw a straight line for the life of me, you think I can draw one on my eyelid? – No way!)
  • Step 3- Apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.  You can also apply it to only the upper lashes for an even more natural look.

Application 2- Double Up

image     image     image

  • Step 1- Dip the brush into the liquid and clean the excess off.
  • Step 2- Lightly brush the product across your lash line, working from thin (inner eye) to thick (outer eye) using small strokes.
  • Step 3- Lightly brush the liquid across half of your lower lash line, working thin to thick again (the liquid should blend into the lash line rather than abruptly stopping in the middle).
  • Step 4- Apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.



Color Me 70’s

Spring 2016 Colors

I am curious, what do you think of when people are discussing the 70’s? Does your mind wander to hippies? Bell bottoms? Disco music? Let’s be honest… I hadn’t even been born yet. So how in the world can you reinvent a style when you weren’t part of the original decade to see it for yourself?  Easy – you cheat!   First look at old pictures for inspiration and add a bit of the current trends to update the style.  Back when you were in school your teacher told you not to cheat, but we absolutely believe in it!  It’s how we improve on great ideas.

I was looking at my parent’s engagement pictures and found some inspiration in their color scheme.  I absolutely love how the 70’s often paired navy and burnt orange.  So when Shalese and I went on our blog retreat I was on the search for some 70’s inspired tops and I found this darling blouse at H&M for $15.  I paired the top with these amazingly comfortable boyfriend jeans that were only $30 (also at H&M).  I stepped into these jeans and they were so comfortable that I felt as if I were wearing yoga pants.  Sign me up – these jeans, “had me from hello.”  I added some gold jewelry and russet brown flats to keep the 70’s vibe going.  Try it out yourself!  Be a copy cat, “cheat” a little, and add your own flavor. “That’s the way (uh huh, uh huh, I like it).”✌

Spring 2016 Colors

Bracelets and BCBG Purse

Spring 2016 Outfit

Brown Pointed Toe Flats

Spring 2016 Fashion

Gold Knotted Necklace

70's colors

Floral Blouse ($15- H&M)

Light Denim Boyfriend Jeans ($30- H&MThese seriously are the most comfortable jeans I own!

Similar Brown Cut-Out Point Toe Flats ($35- ModCloth)

Similar Purse- Splurge- (Valentino)  Spend- (BCBG)  Save- (Asos)

Similar Gold Draped Necklace ($15- Charming Charlie) or one on clearance ($7- Charming Charlie)

Similar Watch ($27- Target)

Similar Bracelets ($7- Forever 21)

I hope you enjoy these 70’s colors as much as I do!



How To Dress a Rectangle/Tubular Body Type

Junior high school… such a beloved time in everyone’s lives… NOT!  I don’t know about you, but I would never say that my junior high years were the “best years of my life.”  From acne to puberty, awkward gym classes to growing boobs, it’s a time that I would willingly forget.  I’m still trying to understand guys’ fascination with the female body in general, but overall I know that early adolescence was rough.  I remember one morning I woke up and realized that my formerly straight up-and-down figure now consisted of protruding hips.  From that day forward I was envious of those girls who didn’t have to deal with my awkward curves.  I was jealous of the girls with the “rectangular” body shape.  I truly believe that the cliché, “you always want what you don’t have” is true.  I have a curvy/hourglass body (as referenced in a previous post) and my sister Shalese had the rectangular body shape that I desired.

If you’re not sure what your body type is, check out this post on Determining Your Body Type.

A quick explanation though – the goal for each body type is to create a balanced illusion.  You want to accentuate the waistline and balance the chest/shoulders and the hips, while elongating the legs.

If you, like Shalese, have the rectangular body type then we have some tips on how to make your figure look rockin’!



A rectangle/tubular body type means that you are pretty even between the chest/shoulders and hips and you don’t have a defined waistline.  Therefore, your goal is to accentuate your shoulders/chest and hips and then define your waist a bit more.  Some clothing ideas and tips include:


image(18)[1]     image(17)[1]     image(8)[1]

  • Clothing that falls smoothly over the midriff
  • Tops and dresses that define the waist or flow past it altogether
  • Empire and banded waistlines will help define the waist
  • Full skirts
  • Interesting necklines (scoop necklines are great)
  • Volume, texture, or pattern in the shoulders
  • Vertical lines are good to reinforce and slim out your rectangular shape
  • A-line dresses will help accentuate your chest and hips while defining your waist
  • Peplum jackets, tops, dresses, or skirts help accentuate the hips
  • Belts to accentuate waistline


image     image(15)[1]     image(12)[1]

 Rectangle/Tubular Outfit Ideas

Everyone’s body is different.  These are general guidelines but wear what feels comfortable and what you feel is flattering to your personal body shape.  We hope this is a helpful tool for you.


Article 1:  40+Style Blog

Article 2: Look Fabulous


Let us know if you have any other helpful tips that you have found flatters your body type.


The Polished Pearls Sista- Whitney