2 Hairstyles In Under 5 Minutes

As you guys can probably tell by now, I tend to wake up late for work often.  These mornings end up being a “throw and go” hairstyle.  I have come to use a few different styles that I know look great and professional, but take me under 5 minutes to complete.  I thought you might enjoy learning how to do these for those mornings you feel the need to sleep in!

  1. French to Fishtail

This hairstyle starts with a French braid around the face and then moves into a Fishtail braid along the side.  This style is a bit casual and messy, it’s super fun for any occasion.

image          image          image          image


2. Braided Chignon

Chignons seem complicated but they can actually be super easy. This is one style I tend to wear all the time for work because it’s super easy and looks really polished and classy.

image         image          image          image

Hope you enjoy these tutorials!  Let us know if you have any hairstyles in mind that you would like us to do a tutorial on, that way we can give you information that is useful!




Flirtatious Floral


Hi Fashionistas,

Since it is Spring, I wanted to have color in my outfit, but not too much.  In order to get the pink, turquoise and white flowers to stand out on my blouse, I paired it with some white skinny jeans. (Hint: whatever colors you want to stand out in your top, pair it with that color or a similar color of skinny jeans or shoes).  I wanted to dress my look up and add a pop of color with my turquoise wedges.  Since I added color with the shoes, I went with neutral jewelry- silver necklace and earrings. By adding color in the shoes and keeping the jewelry neutral, I avoided making the outfit too busy.

Now I am ready to teach a day at school and go on a hot date at night without having to change my outfit!










Here are some similar items for this flirty floral look:

Black Floral Blouse $10.99

White Skinny Jeans $21.99

Turquoise Wedge Sandals $14.95

Silver Handbag $19.50

Silver Pendant Necklace $22.99

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings $7.99


Love The Polished Pearls Sista,



Ways to Rock a Baseball Hat


Hey Ladies,

Baseball season is around the corner and we love wearing hats this time of year. Here are some fun stylish ideas on how to rock a baseball hat!











Hair straight and down


Hair curled and down


Side pony-tail

DSC_0974     DSC_0988

Side loose braid


Side messy bun




I love wearing baseball hats to the games and also on the golf course.  Have the confidence to start wearing baseball hats! Girls look cute in hats. Make sure you’re dressed pretty neutral and casual and go rock that hat!

❤️ The Polished Pearls Sista,


Morning Power Hour


Hey Guys,

I want to share some healthful tips on how to jump-start your body in the morning.  I call this my morning “Power Hour.”  I have noticed a change in the way I feel in the mornings since I have implemented these easy steps.  Right when I wake up, the very first thing I do before anything else is drink a full glass of water.  I alternate each day with a mixture of lemon in water and apple cider vinegar in water.  This helps to flush toxins from your body naturally. (I reccomend doing 1 T apple cider vinegar to 10 oz of water and 1/4 of a lemon).

After consuming my mixed glass of water, I do my workout for the day (see our previous posts for workout routines for different body groups).  After my workout, ideally I eat a grapefruit to help with cleansing my body naturally as well.  I wait a full 30 minutes to eat.  During this time I am taking a shower, getting dressed, applying my makeup, making a high protein/complex carb breakfast and prepping my small meals I will need throughout the day at work.  Afterwards, I eat my well-balanced breakfast, get my girls ready, and  go to work!

When I complete this power hour morning routine I notice a big difference in my pep.  This carries me until lunch hour.  I have more energy and conquer the daily tasks during work and at home.  If we can push ourselves to get up a little bit earlier each morning our body and mind will thank us for it!  Make sure to hit the pillows earlier the night before so you have no excuse in the morning to hit the snooze button.  Let us know how your “Power Hour” goes!

*Just an FYI if you don’t have enough time in the morning you can skip the grapefruit step, but keep in mind grapefruit is considered a super-food.  It has antioxidants, cleanses the body, and helps release fat stores.

*Make sure and use the leftover lemon to rub on acne if needed. A small amount of the lemon can be placed in a sink disposal to leave your house smelling citrus fresh!


Love The Polished Pearls Sista,



Lashes- What are My Options?

It is such a trend right now to have long, luscious lashes. If you are anything like me, these just don’t come naturally. Shalese on the other hand, got the good genes in the “lash department”! So, if you are like me and don’t have awesome lashes, what are your options? We are here to help you out. There are 3 main options for helping your lashes look longer and thicker.

Option 1: Lash Enhancing Serum and Volumizing Mascara


If you are looking for natural, long lashes that don’t require a lot of maintenance, a lash enhancing serum may be the perfect option for you. I use Babe Lash and have loved the results I have gotten from this serum. I have included a before and after picture below to illustrate how amazing it worked on my lashes!

Before using Babe Lash serum:


After using Babe Lash serum:



Volumizing Mascara:

Don’t underestimate the power of good mascara. If you want your lashes to look volumized, buying a good mascara is key. Everyone prefers different types of mascara and it’s a good idea to try multiple brands out to find one that you love. My favorite mascara is Grande Mascara. It is easy to apply, doesn’t require multiple steps, lasts all day without flaking or smearing, and it’s not waterproof. Waterproof mascara can damage your lashes, so make sure you only use this only on occasion.

Application Tips
  1. When I apply my mascara, in order to save time, I apply a thin coat to one eye, do the same to the other eye, then coat each eye a second time. By rotating back and forth it gives the product time to dry before adding more. This helps save time, avoids clumping and coats the lashes more evenly.
  2. I focus on applying the product on the underside of the lashes rather than focusing on the upperside. This helps avoid weighing the lashes down with unnecessary product.
  3. Starting at the root of the lash, I wiggle my brush a bit to get the bristles in between the lashes. I then extend my brush toward the ends of the lashes, slightly wiggling the brush along the way. This helps to coat each lash.
  4. If you get product on your skin, don’t wipe it off right away. Wait until it dries, get a wet cotton swab, and dab it off. Waiting until the product fries will help avoid smearing when you attempt to remove it.

I had to include a picture of Shalese’s lashes in this post. Mostly because I am totally envious of her natural lashes. Check these out!




Option 2: Strip Lashes


Strip lashes are really fun to play with.  They give you the option of having different lengths, thicknesses, colors and textures.  They are easy to apply and you can choose whether to wear them or not.  I haven’t used a lot of different types of strip lashes, but I don’t usually spend a lot of money on mine because I only wear them for special occasions.  If you are going to wear them daily, I would recommend buying a nice, long lasting set. Mac has great strip lashes that hold up well as long as they are well cared for.  The cheaper brands I like are Andrea and Ardell Natural Lashes.

In the picture below, I am wearing Andrea Mod Strip Lash (style 33)- Amazon has a pack of 4 pair for $10.28-  Andrea Mod Strip Lash Pair Style 33 (Pack of 4)


These lashes are more dramatic, adding thickness and volume to the lashes.  I like wearing these in the evening when going on a date or to a party.


In the picture below I am wearing Ardell Natural Lashes (Wispies)- Amazon has a pair for $4.50- Ardell Professional Natural Lashes, Wispies, Black 1 Pair or they have a 6 pack of Demi Wispies for $12.47- Ardell Natural Lashes, Demi Wispies Black, 6-Count


These lashes are very natural looking and are perfect for wearing daily.

Lash Adhesive

You’ll need a good lash adhesive to apply to the lashes.  I like Duo lash adhesive because it is long lasting and latex free.  When buying lash adhesive, you can either buy clear adhesive or dark adhesive.

Clear adhesive gives more of a natural look to the lash line and doesn’t show any imperfections in the adhesive application. Amazon has a tube for $3.99- Duo Lash Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Ounce

Dark adhesive gives more of a dramatic look to the lash line because it appears to be eyeliner, although it does show imperfections in the adhesive application.  This is what I use because I like the added darkness to my lash line.  Amazon has a tube for $5.11- Duo Lash Adhesive, Dark, 0.25 Ounce

MAC Lashes

MAC 33 Lash– Natural

MAC 34 Lash– Dramatic

MAC False Lash 35– Wispy Dramatic

Strip Lash Application


  1. Size your lash to fit your eye.  Using scissors, cut the lash to fit your eyelid.
  2. Dab a drop of glue on the back of your hand
  3. Using a toothpick or eyeliner brush, take a small amount of adhesive onto the toothpick or brush and apply it to the lash line (just like applying gel eyeliner). Allow the adhesive to dry to a tacky consistency (20-40 seconds)
  4. Using tweezers, apply the lash to the eyelid.  Using the tip of the tweezers, press along the base of the strip to secure it to the skin.


Option 3: Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a fantastic option for instant results without the fuss of applying strip lashes.  It is extremely important to have someone you trust apply eyelash extensions if you want to have a good experience.  If these are applied incorrectly, they can be a hassle and can damage your natural lashes.  Also, caring for eyelash extensions is important as well.  When having lash extensions you must avoid water for 48 hours after application, going too long between fills, oily products, rubbing the eyes, certain eye makeup, and sleeping directly on the lashes.  If lash extensions are applied correctly and well cared for, they are a time saver and look fantastic all day every day.

My experience with lash extensions was a great one.  Taylor Gordon at Shear Madness Salon applied my lashes and she does a great job.  I enjoyed having lash extensions because I could apply my makeup much quicker, my lashes always looked fantastic, I felt great when I didn’t have any make up on because my lashes enhanced my eyes, and it was a fun way to pamper myself.  The only negative aspects of lash extensions for me were: the cost, inability to rub my eyes, and it was sometimes hard to find the time to get them filled.

The pictures below show my lash extensions, I took them off after I had my baby because I didn’t have the time to keep them up but I miss them so much!



So, moral of the story, get creative with enhancing your lashes!  It’s fun and exciting to try different lash options.  Let us know how they work for you!

Love all you Lashionistas!

The Polished Pearls Sista- Whitney

Breaking Out the Fur and Leather

I have always wanted to own a fur coat, so when I saw this gem the other day I snatched her right up! I even started twirling in the aisle when I tried the coat on because it made me feel so “posh”!

So this is how I styled this outfit: Since fur is such a heavy texture, I thought I would add a smooth shiny texture with the leather leggings to create a distinct contrast between the upper and lower body. When I am wearing fur I must also add some sparkle, so I paired the coat with this black sequined top and this fabulous jeweled hand bag (which I am also slightly obsessed with). To top off this look, I have added some pointed toed, low heeled pumps (since I can’t walk in heels and these are super comfortable) and some darling black earrings.











Similar Items

Light Pink Faux Fur Coat– $30.00

Sequined Top– $13.99

Black Leather Leggings– $16.99

Black Pointed Toed Low Heels– $25.00

Jeweled Hand Bag– $24.98

Black Earrings– $11.20


I hope you are daring enough to purchase and wear a faux fur coat yourself! Wearing fur is so much fun!



Trends Repeat Every 20-30 Years

Fashion Trends Repeat Every 20 Years (on average)

I’m sure I am not the only one noticing the distinct influences on our current fashion trends depicting the 80’s and especially 90’s.  The last couple of years I have experienced fashion “déjà vu” over and over as styles that were popular when I was younger are making their comeback on the fashion runways. Some examples of these styles include: the denim trend, converse shoes, circle skirts, exposed midriffs, peter pan collars, and “stretch pants” coming back as leggings.  Each time a fashion design reappears, it comes back as a new, updated version of the “old” style. Researchers assume styles repeat for a number of different reasons including: economic changes in society, generation changes, and designers taking original ideas as inspiration.

Trends Repeating Now

The trends we are currently seeing have an 80’s and 90’s influence.  Some current fashions that are recurring include: crop tops, matching sweater sets, denim jackets, flannel, shirts tied around the waist, high waisted jeans, overalls (although they have come back without the “diaper butt” thank goodness, choker necklaces, jelly sandals, platform shoes, Birkenstocks, and high-top shoes.

Trends Depicted to Repeat in the Future

According to this philosophy, in the 2020’s decade we should see fashions inspired by the 1990’s and 2000’s decades. Some of these fashions include: halter tops, layered tank tops, boot cut jeans, vertically striped boot cut slacks, cuffed jeans with heels, cargo pants, choker necklaces, head bands, chunky highlights, and bare midriffs. Some of these styles repeating will take some getting used to on my part!

Fashion Cycle

Fashion goes through a cycle from the time it is introduced to society until the time it becomes outdated.  Some fashions are known to be “classic” and the cycle is much longer, other fashions are know to be “fads”, these styles go through the fashion cycle very quickly.

Untitled drawing (2)

Introduction: A fashion trend is usually introduced by a fashion designer at a fashion show or elsewhere.

Rise: People start jumping on the “band wagon” and the fashion starts becoming really popular.

Peak:  This is when the fashion trend has reached it’s highest popularity.

Decline: Boredom with the fashion sets in and people stop wearing it.

Outdated: When a strong distaste for the fashion sets in and it is no longer sold.

Having Fun with the 50’s

So my favorite fashion decade was the 1950’s with Christian Dior’s “New Look”, circle skirts, petticoats, oxford shoes, capris (clam diggers), leather jackets, and Converse shoes.  So, I constructed and sewed a dress that depicts the 50’s.  I actually took a vintage 50’s pattern and re-vamped the pattern to modernize it somewhat.  This was such a fun project!  I have styled this dress in two different ways.  The first styling I have done my hair in a pin-up style and added accessories you may have seen during that time.  For the second styling I have modernized the dress by curling my hair and adding accessories you may see today.

First Look:



Second Look



I hope you learned something about fashion history and about repeating fashion trends.  I LOVE learning about fashion history, it is amazing to see how fashion is influenced by our society and economy in so many ways.


The Polished Pearls Sista- Whitney

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Six Meals a Day Plan and Grocery List

Hi Friends,

Today we wanted to make things super easy for those of you doing the six meals a day we talked about on our previous post. We are giving you a full week meal plan and grocery list to use. We wanted to make things simple and easy for you to try eating six meals a day.

During this plan don’t forget to eat every two hours!! And drink water 15 minutes before eating and throughout the day. Try to consume half of your body weight in ounces of water.

Six Meals a Day Meal Plan:


Breakfast: oatmeal, nuts, craisins, coconut oil, cinnamon, milk

Snack: greek yogurt, sunflower seeds, strawberries, chia seeds

Lunch: string cheese, turkey, banana peppers, carrot/cucumber/bell pepper mix, ww crackers, apple

Snack: protein bar

Snack: dark chocolate pretzels w/peanut butter

Dinner: Crockpot Mexican chili, sour cream, avocado, organic or multigrain chips (or your dinner of choice).


Breakfast: yogurt, fruit, granola, nuts

Snacks: boiled egg, carrots

Lunch: salad with all veggies, sunflower seeds, craisins, cottage cheese, italian dressing, grilled chicken

Snack: whole wheat bread w/peanut butter & honey (½ sandwich)

Snack: organic or multigrain chips, jalapeno greek yogurt dip

Dinner: grilled salmon, steamed veggies, ½ baked sweet potato with coconut oil, brown sugar, cinnamon


Breakfast: oatmeal, nuts, craisins, coconut oil, cinnamon, milk

Snacks: greek yogurt, nuts, granola, Cuties

Lunch: tuna fish, pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers, cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, ww crackers, apple

Snack: nuts and craisin mix

Snack: string cheese, bell peppers

Dinner: taco salad, multi-grain chips, salsa, sour cream or diluted Ranch


Breakfast: yogurt, fruit, granola, nuts

Snacks: string cheese, cucumbers

Lunch: salad with all veggies, sunflower seeds, craisins, cottage cheese, italian dressing, fish

Snack: protein bar

Snack: dark chocolate pretzels w/peanut butter

Dinner: crockpot Mexican chili, sour cream, avocado, organic or multigrain chips


Breakfast: oatmeal, nuts, craisins, coconut oil, cinnamon, milk

Snack: yogurt, nuts, banana

Lunch: ½ open-faced ww turkey sandwich, cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, etc., apple

Snack: nuts and craisins mix

Snack: organic or multigrain chips, jalapeno greek yogurt dip

Dinner: salad with all veggies, sunflower seeds, craisins, cottage cheese, italian dressing, grilled chicken or steak


Breakfast: omelet w/lots of veggies

Snack: cottage cheese, strawberries

Lunch: open-faced ww honey/pbutter/banana sandwich, cucumbers & carrots

Snack: jalapeno greek yogurt dip w/multi-grain chips, peppers

Snack: apple slices w/peanut butter

Dinner: Chicken stir fry with brown rice or quinoa (grain bags at Costco)


Breakfast: whole wheat pancake or waffles, coconut oil, honey, peanut butter (for more protein either add an egg to batter or scramble one egg with meal)

Snacks: veggies w/low calorie cheese or hummus

Lunch: ½ open-faced ww turkey sandwich, cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, etc., apple

Snack: jalapeno greek yogurt dip with organic or multi-grain chips, peppers

Snack: parfait, strawberries, granola

Dinner: grilled chicken, salad bar, pineapple

Grocery Shopping List

peppers (different varieties)
sweet potatoes
green onions
little cuties

Greek yogurts (varieties)
regular yogurts (varieties)
vanilla Greek yogurt for smoothies
string cheese
shredded cheese
cottage cheese
sliced cheese
jalapeno Greek yogurt dip (Costco)
sour cream

*Produce for Crockpot Mexican Chili:
zucchini (2 small)
onion (1)
jalapeno (1)
red peppers (2)
avocado (1)
lime (1)

deli turkey meat
salmon (any type of fish)
hamburger meat
chicken for Crock Pot Mex Chili (3 lbs)*
chicken for other meals
rotisserie chicken works great

Whole Grains, Nuts, Seeds:
nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts)
sunflower seeds
chia seeds
whole wheat crackers
multi-grain or organic chips
dark chocolate pretzels
whole wheat bread
protein bars
brown rice or quinoa
whole wheat pancake mix (Kodiak Power Cake Mix at Costco)
whole wheat pasta

Canned/Jarred Goods:
tuna fish
peanut butter (all natural-Adams)
coconut oil
Fire-roasted tomatoes (1 can)*
Salsa verde (15ish oz)*
Regular salsa (15ish oz)*
Vegetable or chicken broth (4 cups)*
Banana peppers
Italian dressing

Minced garlic (3 cloves) or garlic powder*
chili powder*
black pepper*
Ranch Mix
brown sugar and cinnamon

Frozen Foods:
bagged vegetables

We hope this helps in your prepping and planning! Let us know how you liked it!

❤️ The Polished Pearls Sista,