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Valentine’s Day Inspired Outfit Looks
Posted By The Polished Pearls  Posted On 19-Jan-2017

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so I feel it is appropriate to tell my man how much I appreciate him for what he does for our cute little family.  Jordan is my rock and has been with me through it all.  Life can get hard sometimes and I...

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Winter Style Black Duster with Striped Turtleneck Bodysuit
Posted By The Polished Pearls  Posted On 17-Jan-2017

Every year my husband has told me, "Wait until after Christmas to go shopping for clothes because that is when there are good deals on things."  I took his advice this year and boy am I glad I did!  One of my besties was my partner in crime as we...

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Easy Healthy Fish Tacos Recipe with Fresh Salsa
Posted By The Polished Pearls  Posted On 12-Jan-2017

I have had two problems recently... Well I have a LOT more problems than just two but two I am going to talk about.  My first problem has been eating healthy.  Before having my baby (okay he is 15 months now, not quite a baby anymore- sob!) I ate really...

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Winter Vest, Sweater and Rain Boot Combo
Posted By The Polished Pearls  Posted On 10-Jan-2017

I always struggle during the Winter time.  Each year during this time I find myself wishing I lived on a tropical island, with a year round temperature in the 80's; where people think a cold spell is 65 degrees...  If my family didn't live nearby, I would move in a...

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How to get Gorgeous Thick Hair Quick
Posted By The Polished Pearls  Posted On 05-Jan-2017

Hey Friends, When I was in junior high school I didn't know what a straightener was, let alone a root lifter.  Gel was used only for boys and blow drying hair was a waste of my time.  It is no wonder why I had flat hair with zero body or...

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Black Turtleneck Outfit with Jessica Simpson Bag
Posted By The Polished Pearls  Posted On 03-Jan-2017

-Jessica Simpson Purse- -Fringe Shirt- -Bracelets- -Pendant Necklace- -White Skinny Jeans- -Black Velvet Boots- I'm wearing some of my birthday gifts I received. Thanks to all my sweet family and friends for spoiling me rotten on my b-day. I had such a great birthday this year. My little girls were...

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